Small Businesses

"This site is dedicated to helping small businesses, and people running small businesses, to succeed"

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but small businesses are run by people, right!

Most people who run small businesses concentrate entirely on the small business as a separate entity. Indeed depending on how the small business is set up, it often is, in law, entirely separate from the people who run it.

I have found that this leads the people who run small businesses to invest all their spare time and money in the business, while neglecting to invest in themselves.

This site is dedicated to helping the people who run (or intend to run) small businesses to invest a small proportion of their business profit, in themselves. Often this money is seen later as the best investment that could have been made to help the small business to succeed.

As you may have guessed from the title of this site, I firmly believe the key to small businesses succeeding, (and the people who run them), is freedom. Freedom to do what I hear you cry.

Freedom to make your own decisions. Freedom to run your life and your small business exactly as you would like. Ask yourself, are you truly free to do exactly what you would like to do, with no restrictions? I thought not.

So have a big think - take some action - and get started.