FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Use Of The Method

The techniques which I have shared with you are extremely powerful, and like all things they could be used for good or bad.

My first warning to you is as follows:

Do not use the methods contained in this book to harm or deprive other people. At all times be ethical in your use of the method.

An example of harming other people would be to use the method to gain promotion by actively visualising the person who was blocking your progress, meeting with an accident. Another example would be to use the method to increase your success rate in the burglaries which you were carrying out! There are also many more minor examples of the mis-use of this method.

If you ignore this warning then you will suffer accordingly. This is no dire threat on my behalf, but rather an immutable law.

You may show some small gain initially, but believe me, you will lose eventually. You will also lose more than you gained in the first place, the net effect will be one pace forward and several large paces backwards.

At the very least, are you going to be happy in the future knowing that you obtained your wealth or status at the direct expense of other people? It could be argued that any wealth or status is obtained at the expense of other people, but then it can also be argued that apartheid is the only logical method of running a mixed-race country, or that six million Jews didn't really die in the last war. In all of these matters your conscience is quite capable of cutting through the intelectualisations and arriving at the truth of the matter.