FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method


Appendix Two, Ethics

I consider this to be the most important chapter in the book, also the hardest to write.

This chapter is designed to serve as a warning. However, like all of the information which I have passed on to you in this book, I have no control over what you do with it after it has left my hands.

In the various chapters on Positive Self Image and I-Can belief, I cautioned you against changing parts of the system to suite yourself; in fact I strongly advised you to follow my method to the letter.

Obviously I have no control over whether you take my advice or not, I can only issue the warning and hope that you will listen to me.

Similarly, the contents of this short chapter are designed to warn you against certain courses of action. I really wrote this chapter for my own benefit since I could not, in all conscience, release the material in this book without including this chapter.