FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Other Ways

Building a company and selling it is only one of the many ways of becoming extremely rich. There are many other ways.

It all depends upon your personal inclination. If you are inventive, then inventing something, patenting it and then selling it to a major company can make you extremely rich.

If you are artistic, then writing top-selling novels (and they really do have to sell a lot) or writing a hit song could provide you with a fortune in royalties over a good many years.

If you are interested in financial matters, then it is possible to make a fortune on the stock market. The newspapers recently reported a schoolboy who made a quarter of million pounds in his spare time. His stock-broker had not realised that he was under-age!

Choose something which you are good at. Don't say that you aren't particularly good at anything - that's an I-Can't excuse!

Anyway, for every rich person who is a genius at their chosen profession, there are ten who are mediocre and yet BELIEVE in themselves.

I started this chapter by saying that it was the least important in the whole book. The next chapter, whilst the shortest, is probably the most important - read it carefully.