FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

It's Up To You!

Now you are on your own. The next few years are going to involve you in a lot of hard work and effort. At times you will wonder whether it was all worth it! You will long for that quiet 'nine-to-five' existence which you gave up for more exciting ventures.

Gradually, however, the rewards of your efforts will start to come your way - a new car, a larger salary, freedom from the more mundane activities as you start to employ people, and many, many more benefits. From the very beginning you will have experienced one of the major benefits, that is the benefit of guiding your own destiny, of 'being at the helm of your own ship'. This brings its own unique satisfaction and rewards.

Eventually, if all goes well, you will build the company up to a size where it could become of interest to a third party. The size at which you decide to sell depends upon the amount of money you wish to take, but it is not too difficult to make, say, a quarter of a million pounds from even a small company if the right buyer can be found.

If you are after a million (or more) then you will have to hang on much longer. It all depends on you. For example, you may enjoy the cut and thrust of business life so much that you are not anxious to sell too soon. You may be one of the many individuals who then take their company onto the stock market and make millions of pounds in the process. Don't forget that meanwhile, you will be enjoying the benefits of a senior executive - good salary, excellent car, expenses and so on.