FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Starting Out

I started my first company from my kitchen table. I had no capital at all and I knew absolutely nothing about running a business, keeping books, accountancy or anything much at all. I WAS good at electronics, and that strength is what I used as a foundation for the business. (What are YOU good at?)

I then worked very, very hard. For five years I worked a seven day week, often twelve hours a day. I lived and breathed my business, and most other things went by the wayside. I didn't mind because I knew that I wanted to 'retire' at thirty-five. By retire, I mean that I wanted to be free from the necessity of having to work. I wanted to choose whether I worked or not; if I didn't feel like it, then I wouldn't. I mentioned earlier that I have achieved this goal.

The other thing I did was to take risks. If you don't gamble in life, then you don't ever win! I gambled my house on my ability to succeed. Throughout those five years, the bank were hovering in the background just waiting to snatch my house if I put a foot wrong; believe me, that concentrates the mind wonderfully!

If you are playing for really big stakes, (and a million pounds is big by any standards), then be prepared to work hard and take risks. You can achieve the first seventy-five percent of the success formula from your armchair, but now is the time to get out of it - in fact sell it, because you won't be needing it for a few years!

A lot of people expect big rewards without taking any risks at all! I remember talking recently to a man who genuinely wanted to be rich, but when I explained to him that he would have to take risks in order to achieve this, his face fell. He explained that he was married with three children and that he couldn't possibly put his house on the line, it wouldn't be fair to his family. I had to explain to him that unless his family was behind him all the way, then it would be very hard for him to succeed anyway (remember that one of the first steps to success is to put yourself in an environment where people support your endeavours).

I also pointed out that he had absolutely no guarantee that he wouldn't lose his house tomorrow anyway! With jobs in short supply, he could easily find himself out of work and having his house re-possessed; just like thousands of other people before him.

You CANNOT achieve without some risk. Think of any of the pioneers of the past. Nothing would ever have been achieved if those people had not been prepared to risk a very great deal, sometimes even their lives. You may not be prepared to risk your life in a solo flight across the Atlantic, or an un-supported expedition to the North Pole, but if you want a million pounds you must surely be prepared to risk the very small chance that you might have to sell up and move to a smaller house. It's hardly laying your life on the line is it?

If you want a nice, comfortable, ordinary, un-exciting life then you are quite free to choose that for yourself and your family, but if you are seeking BIG results from life, then be prepared to gamble, to dare and to win. You can drive all of your life in the slow lane and STILL risk running into the back of a parked lorry; or you can pull out into the fast lane occasionally and start experiencing the thrill of high speed motoring!

Above all, don't use your family as an I-Can't excuse. You may have a strong desire to hitch up a horse to a Gypsy caravan and go around Europe for a year, but you don't because you fear the disruption to your children's education. But let me ask you this: Would your children be better, more rounded and interesting individuals for this experience? The answer (legal schooling requirements aside for the moment) is undoubtedly YES!

But back to the subject of that elusive million pounds. In order to get it, you will have to (temporarily) give up a lot of other things. You will have to work twice as hard as your friends and colleagues driving in the nice, safe, slow lane, and you will have to take many risks, big and small. Is the reward worth it?

Only you can answer this question.

I thought that it was worth it, because now I am free to do exactly what I want to do with most of my time. Had I not decided to go for this goal, I would be forced to spend the next twenty-five years working eight hours a day for someone else's benefit.

I wasn't prepared to give up my life so readily, after all, forty hours a week was the Lion's share of my active life! Why should I give my life away to make someone else rich? It seems stupid if you ask that simple question, doesn't it? But that is what most of us are doing!

Think about your job for the moment. How important is it really? You may be one of the few people with a genuinely important job (doctor, farmer, nurse, teacher, builder, clothing manufacturer etc) in which case you should consider carefully before giving it up; however MOST people in this country do very unimportant and often even harmful jobs. Try and cut through the ego surrounding your own job and look at the reality. Everyone likes to think that they are important people working in a worthwhile profession, but often this is a justification which keeps you sane, and allows you to carry on! What are you really doing with your life? How important is your job?

If, like me, you are waking up to the reality of the illusion which has mesmerized you since birth, and are starting to realise that you DON'T have to have a job, and that you are FREE to spend your life creatively fulfilling yourself as a person, then you are on your way to a deeply satisfying life without artificial limits. Making a million may be the way you choose to finally free yourself from this yoke.