FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Making A Million

I have to ask you, first of all, do you really want a million pounds? Earlier in the book I said that it was important for you to set your goals high, and not to artificially lower them because of your lack of belief in your own ability. It is also important not to set them higher than they need to be, just for the sake of it. If you would be perfectly happy with a quarter of a million pounds, then don't tie yourself into the heartache and stress of going for a million because if you don't really want it, you won't have the staying power to get it.

This applies to all of your goals. You must be very, very serious about really wanting the things you set out as goals, otherwise you won't have what it takes when the going gets a bit tough.

If you really DO want a million pounds then you can get it.

There are many ways of making a million pounds, quite a few of them are illegal! Of the legal options, by far and away the best bet for someone starting from the bottom is to build up a company and then sell it. This is effectively what I did.

There is no hard and fast rule over this, but it will take you at least five years to build a company worth a million pounds and a further three years before you can take the money and run.

It takes three years to get out because a potential buyer of your company sees you, (quite rightly), as a key figure in the success of that company; they will therefore want you to stay on in some capacity until they can assure themselves of the company's prosperity in your absence.

Of course, during a lot of the working life of your company, you will be drawing a nice, big salary cheque, driving a company car, and picking up a lot of other fringe benefits, so you don't have to wait right until the end to get the rewards.