FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

How Long?

First of all, the length of time it will take you to make your money depends upon how high a target you have set yourself.

You have to be realistic about this. It is very hard (I have, of course, removed the word "impossible" from my vocabulary, otherwise I might be tempted to use it here) to make a million pounds in six months. However, it is not hard to make, say, fifty thousand pounds in six months.

I don't want to limit your ceiling artificially, but my experience tells me that it will take between five and ten years to make a million pounds. If you think that's a long time, then add up how much you will make over the next ten years if you

don't go for the million! It's a depressingly small figure.

I made my million in eight years, and even now, most of it is tied up in company shares. It will be about three more years before I can honestly say that I have a million pounds "in the bank," at the moment, my net assets are in excess of a million pounds.

If your aims are more modest, say to make one hundred thousand pounds, then this is quite easy to do in, say, two years (depending upon the amount of money you start out with, and your level of business experience). I could make this amount in just over a year, but then I've been doing it for longer than you.

Again, if two years sounds like a long time to get one hundred thousand pounds, remember, that's over eight thousand pounds a month! How much are you getting every month at the moment?

If your target is to double the value of your house, then this should be possible in a year or two. A brand new Porsche should take six months to a year, a second car should take three to six months. A raise or change of job should take less than three months.

Remember that these are MY ideas of time-scales, based on my experience. You may be able to do it more quickly than me.