FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Getting There

Appendix One, Getting There

It is an amazing fact that quite a large number of people reading this book will not even bother to TRY the system, not even once! They will read this book through from cover to cover, as though it were a novel; decide that the ideas sound really promising, then do absolutely nothing at all about it! The book will get put on one side and forgotten about. I don't want that to happen to you, I want you to succeed and to have all the things which you deserve.

Right at the very beginning of this book, I explained that I was not offering a practical business plan, scheme or money-making idea. Believe me, what you have read in these pages is far more valuable than a hundred of these ideas. Using the powerful exercises which I have divulged in this book, WILL bring you three quarters of the way to success.

But what about the last quarter? You may remember that 'getting there' represented the last twenty-five percent of the battle. How can I help you to achieve this?

My difficulty is this: Whereas the method for achieving the first seventy-five percent is common to all people, the actual practical mechanics of achieving your desires (the last twenty-five percent) varies greatly from person to person.

One aspirant may want to make a million pounds, another only one hundred thousand pounds; the techniques for acquiring these different sums are dissimilar. Someone else might not want money at all, but instead they may wish to play the violin to concert standard, or become a great athlete.

To the person interested in making money, the ideal 'getting there' chapter would be chock-full of good business ideas and tips on running a company. To the athlete, this chapter would contain advice about exercise, diet and where to buy good running shoes. The violin player would need this chapter to contain anecdotes from great musicians, hints on bowing technique, exercise plans and a section on how to spot a bargain in the fiddle world, (or perhaps how to spot a fiddle in the bargain world!)

Do you see my dilemma? Actually I regard this chapter as the least important in the book. Why? Because if you apply my method properly, a unique, individual opportunity WILL open up for you. My method opens doors in the corridor of life; unlocking those doors is the tricky part of the exercise, walking through them takes only a little effort.

I can't tell you exactly what opportunities will occur for you, I only know that they WILL occur if you try my method. With this in mind, I have limited this chapter to passing on the benefit of my experience in the world of money-making. I am sure that this will be of interest to most readers because the possibility of making money probably attracted you to this book in the first place. Money also allows you to realise a lot of non-money related dreams. For example, if you want to be a concert pianist, money can release you from the need to work for a living, thereby giving you the necessary time to practice.