FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method


(From chapter nine)

1. Write simple goals to start with.

2. Write personal improvement goals as though they were actually happening.

3. Write material goals in precise detail, and set a deadline by which they will be accomplished.

4. Write your 'goal-card'. (Getting up two hours earlier.)

5. Write your 'setting of place' card.

Twice daily at your chosen place:

6. Inscribe 'G' in the air.

7. Sit quietly.

8. Recite 'setting of place' formula.

9. Read your 'goal-card' out loud, visualise yourself getting up at the correct time.

10. Un-trace 'G'.

11. Get up early and write your goals neatly.

Achieving all other goals, twice daily at your chosen place:

12. Inscribe 'G' in the air.

13. Sit quietly.

14. Recite 'setting of place' card.

15. Recite your goals and visualise them coming true.

16. Un-trace the 'G'.