FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Think Kind Thoughts About Yourself


This is a useful technique because it can be performed anywhere, at any time you have an odd moment to spare. Here is what you do:

Using any spare moments which you have, mentally greet your

subconscious in rather the same spirit as in your 'morning mirror' exercise. Now send kind, loving, supportive thoughts out to your subconscious; remember it is the FEELING behind these thoughts which is important rather than the actual words.

This is a difficult exercise to describe because it is to do with feelings, but you should aim towards a feeling of harmonious comradeship with your subconscious. Your EMOTIONAL TONE should be the same as you would have towards a much loved brother or sister. The thought should be: "You and me...we're a team...we're going places!"

I do this exercise whilst driving along in the car; it only takes a minute or so and I always make myself feel better with it.

Done properly and often, this exercise can bring big dividends.


I once had a friend who was terribly shy. He had a real problem with meeting new people, and, at parties, he was always found in the kitchen helping with the washing-up. This friend had the lowest Positive Self Image that I have ever come across; he genuinely believed that most other people were superior to him and were secretly sneering at him. In truth, he was a likable person with plenty to offer.

One day he asked for my help. His shyness was causing severe epression, and he was almost living the life of a hermit in an attempt to avoid people. I thought for a long while, then suggested the following solution:

I suggested that, no matter how bad he felt inside, he should act as though he was a VIP. I told him that I wasn't asking him to change in any way, but merely to act as though a change had taken place. I asked him to imagine that he was an actor playing the part of an extremely important person; we would both know that he was acting, but that didn't matter.

Fortunately my friend had a reasonable amount of money (he never went out, remember) and so I told him to go out and buy a complete set of new clothes - the sort the character he was playing would wear. His existing clothes and dress sense were truly frightful, but obviously I didn't tell him this. I also told him to go to the sort of places that his character would frequent. Instead of the local sleazy pub which he drank in occasionally, I suggested the name of a few really up-market (and expensive) bars. I also took the liberty of booking us both into a very expensive restaurant at the end of the week.

I suggested that the experiment would last for one week, during which he would act as much as possible like the character he was playing. He agreed, and even took a week off work for the experiment.

The results were truly astounding! After only five days we met up, in the restaurant, and I had trouble recognising him! The outfit he had purchased must have cost hundreds, but it made him look like he was worth millions! I felt shabby in comparison! The waiter approached us, and immediately assumed that my friend was the important person and that I was his guest; he fussed around him and paid scant attention to me!

When we had settled down, my friend excitedly told me about his week. He had been to an expensive night-club and drank high-priced cocktails all evening. At the night-club he was asked to join in with a group of people for the evening. These were the sort of people who wouldn't have given him the time of day the week before. He had invented some story about being the director of a building company, and more than managed to hold his own with the other people at the table.

Later in the week he had traveled to London to see the sights - first class. A taxi had taken him everywhere he wanted to go; and he even had afternoon tea at the Dorchester Hotel! He ended up the evening by seeing a top musical ('Cats') on a Saturday night! How did he get the ticket? From a ticket-tout at the stage-door - fifty pounds a seat! He didn't care; he figured that the character he was playing would not have worried about the expense - so my friend didn't!

In short, he was a transformed person. He had received so many positive strokes from people in the space of one short week that he realised that he must have been doing something wrong before, after all, he was exactly the same person.

He realised that merely by acting as though he was a worthwhile person ensured that other people TREATED him like a worthwhile person, whereas acting like a nobody ensured that everyone TREATED him like a nobody!

There is a very great lesson for us all to learn here, that is why I want you to start treating yourself like royalty. You may not be able to afford the kind of extravagant week that my friend had (he told me later that it cost him over £1000!), but you do not need to go to such great lengths to prove to yourself that people treat you exactly how you expect them to treat you, no more, no less.

Why not try my friend's experiment for yourself? Spend one week (that's not really a lot, is it?) treating yourself like a VIP and see the startling effect that it has on your Positive Self Image. I will guarantee that it will shoot up!

By the way, my friend is a permanently changed person. He liked playing a VIP so much that he has taken over the part full-time! After some initial shock from his close friends and associates, they now all treat him like he was the boss! The more they do this, the more he feels like he is the boss. This is what happens if you boost your Positive Self Image by using this method.

In this chapter I have divulged some powerful methods of improving your Positive Self Image. Remember that it is essential to have a Positive Self Image before you can succeed. You will definitely fail without a strong Positive Self Image.

Don't be tempted to dismiss these exercises as "silly," or "a waste of time." Believe me, they work - thousands of people have proved it beyond doubt. All I ask you to do is TRY.

If you just TRY then you will know for yourself.