FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Building Positive Self Image Belief

Chapter 10, Building Positive Self Image Belief

Liking Yourself

In this chapter I am going to tell you how to build a Positive Self Image using several extremely powerful techniques.

Do you recall how I told you that a Positive Self Image is the first essential step towards success? Think of it as the rock, the foundation upon which your success will be built. Just as you would not attempt to build a house on poor foundations you cannot build success upon a Negative Self Image; if you try to do so, you WILL FAIL, I guarantee it! Just like my friend in the earlier chapter on Positive Self Image belief, life will always seem to conspire mysteriously to ensure your downfall. Of course, there is nothing mysterious about it; you are acting in such a way as to ensure your own failure - you are sabotaging yourself.

The pay-off is SECURITY, you don't have to change any of those large jigsaw-puzzle pieces which make up your World View.

Together we are going to start changing those pieces from 'Failure' pieces to 'Success' pieces.