FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

How To Set Really Big Goals

By this stage, your Positive Self Image and I-Can belief levels should both be improving steadily, both through the use of the exercises, (chapters 8, 9 and 10), and through actually achieving your goals. This is the time to start introducing, gradually some big-time goals.

These are what I call 'big-time' goals; although you may have your own ideas. (Assume today is Jan 1st 1990):

• "By December 31st 1998, my net assets will be in excess of one million pounds."

• "By September 1st 1990, I will own a brand-new Porsche 911, red, with leather seats."

• "Starting with £100, I will build a limited company which has a turnover of £250,000 by December 31st 1991. This company will be highly profitable."

• "I will be married/divorced by August 1st 1991."

• "On February 1st 1990 I will give up smoking and never start again."

These are just a few of the thousands of possibilities. You may think them tame, but the chances are that you find them fairly, shall we say, challenging?

Note how I have allowed realistic time-scales to do all these things. I have allowed eight years for you to become a millionaire. That's not too bad is it? What chance do you have of becoming a millionaire without my system?

I have set, and achieved quite a few goals of this 'big-time' size and achieved them all.

The problem you face is setting your goals too small! Yes - too small! When working out your goals, the trick is to put down what you REALLY WANT without worrying about HOW you are going to

get it.

If you REALLY WANT a million pounds, then put a million pounds down. Don't put £100,000 because you can't really see how you can get any more than that! That's your poor I-Can and Positive Self Image belief coming through. As I told you earlier, tens of thousands of people are millionaires; there's nothing so special about it and YOU can become one if you want to.

Your goals may genuinely be much more modest; after all, not everyone would thank you for a million pounds. If this is the case, and you genuinely want smaller goals, then that's fine.

Just make sure that you are not selling yourself short.

Don't put down a new FORD if you really want a PORSCHE. Don't

put down £100,000 pounds if you really want a million. Don't put down a three-bedroom 'semi' if you really want a six-bedroom detached house.

The method of achieving these larger goals is exactly the same as you have been using for the small and intermediate-level goals.

You will need patience, determination and staying power to make these big things happen, but they WILL happen if you believe in yourself enough. Fifteen minutes every day, that's all it takes. Not much is it? Yet it is enough to bring you everything you have ever and will ever want in life, not just material things either, but emotional and spiritual contentment.

That's a big claim, but I guarantee that it works.