FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Setting Larger Goals

First of all, don't alter the two goals which affect your I-Can belief. These should always be in place. After you have achieved your first set of goals, you can progress onto the next level of achievement with some confidence.

For this next level, I suggest that you choose goals from the intermediate level (one of which you should have included in your

first list of goals).

Here is a sample of intermediate-level goals; there are obviously thousands of possible goals. (Assume today's date is Jan 1st 1990):-

• "By February 20th I will own a new VHS video recorder type JVX


• "By March 1st I will have resigned from my job. By this date I will have found a job working as an apprentice vet. This is something I have always wanted to do, I owe it to myself, and I will do it."

• "By March 1st I will have turned my £1000 savings into £2000."

• "I will spend the next six weekends with my wife and children."

• "By April 5th I will have formed my own limited company."

This should give you some idea of the intermediate-level, together with typical time-scales. Notice that the time-scales are much longer (two months, typically), so you will have to be much more patient. But the goals are much bigger, so they are worth waiting longer for!

I have set, and achieved, many such intermediate goals in my life - this is the most common level of goal.

Write these (and all future) goals down on a clean, white sheet of A4, as before, except there is no need to get up two hours early to do it. Repeat them twice a day, in your chosen place and at your chosen time, exactly in the manner described for your simple goals.

As you achieve each goal (and you WILL achieve them if you follow my method) you may cross it off the list and add a new one as and when you like. Make sure that you cross the goals out neatly (use a ruler). I am not being pedantic over this; your goal-sheet is a serious document and you don't want it devalued by scribble and scruffy crossing-out. You wouldn't do that on a legal document, so don't do it on this document.