FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Why Go To All This Bother?

The reasons are complex and would take a separate book to explain them thoroughly. Put simply, the purpose of this exercise is to alert the subconscious that you are serious about this business, and to start getting it into the habit of RESPONDING TO YOUR WILL.

Remember I said that the subconscious doesn't like to change? I also said, at that time, "Tough luck!". You will need to show the subconscious that YOU are the master or mistress of your destiny, that YOU are going to start calling the shots from now on and that if YOU decide that you want to change, then the subconscious WILL change in accordance. It won't LIKE it but hard luck!

This little exercise of getting up early is the first step on the way to sharpening your will-power. Believe me, you will need buckets of willpower to succeed.

This exercise has a secondary benefit. It proves to you that the system of goal-setting works! At least for small goals.

This is part of the step-by-step approach which I outlined in the opening chapter. By achieving success with small goals, you will come to believe that larger goals can be achieved.

Now onto the important work of realising your first set of goals: Here's how to do it.

Twice a day, at your chosen time, go to your chosen place and proceed as follows:


Take out the 'setting of place' card.

Stand, as before, and inscribe the large capital 'G' in the air in front of you. Try to visualise this 'G' hanging in the air after you have inscribed it.

Now sit quietly and relax for about one minute. Try and clear your mind of the hurly-burly thoughts of the day.

Taking the 'setting of place' card read it OUT LOUD (if possible), otherwise whisper it. There is no need to look at the card if you have remembered the words. Once again, feel the 'specialness' of your chosen working place.

Now unfold your sheet of paper upon which you have written your goals. Read each one slowly, out loud (if possible). As you read each goal, IMAGINE it coming true.

For example, if one of the goals is to ask your boss for a rise, then vividly imagine yourself knocking on the office door, going in, asking for a rise, and being granted it.

If one of your later, larger goals is to get £100,000, then strongly visualise your bank statement, SEE the computer entry of £100,000, and note the total on the statement is in excess of this figure. If you have no bank account, then imagine someone giving you bundles of £10 notes. SEE and FEEL the money as it is counted into your hands.

If you have written that you will book a holiday by next Friday, then see yourself going into the travel agent, choosing a holiday, paying for it and walking out with the tickets.


When you have done this, stand again, and pointing in the manner described before, un-trace the capital 'G'; that is trace it in reverse so that it 'vanishes'. This tells the subconscious that you have finished the exercise of goal setting.

Finally, put your various pieces of paper away somewhere out of sight of prying eyes.

Over the next few days, make absolutely sure that you carry out all of the actions you have written in your goals. Fix that shelf, make that call, visit that relative, book that holiday. DO IT.

This is VITAL to your success. Give these tasks absolute priority over everything else which you do. You CAN and WILL achieve these things.