FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

How To Write Them Down


This may not sound important, but I repeat that EVERY STEP of this system must be followed exactly. I cannot emphasise this too strongly. You may not understand some of the reasons behind my method, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that it works and can get you anything you want.

Spend some time thinking up four or five small goals of the sort that I used in my example; don't forget to include the one to boost your I-Can belief.

Now write out your goals roughly on a piece of paper, making sure that you word them as shown in RULES 1 and 2. At this stage, you can cross out words and correct as required. You should end up with a final list of goals, worded exactly as you want them to be, although at this stage, they might look a bit scruffy. Don't worry as long as they are all there and the wording is exact.

Put this paper to one side for the moment.

You will now need a piece of WHITE, CLEAN card. A blank postcard is ideal. Anything about six inches by four inches will do, as long as it is CLEAN and WHITE. A scruffy bit of grey card simply will not do.

Using a good quality (preferably fountain) pen, NOT a biro or pencil, I want you to write the following goal onto the card, in your very neatest handwriting:

On...I will get up at ...a.m. and write my goals. This I will do without fail.

Underneath this write: My normal getting-up time is...

I have left blank spaces in my example, but you should fill them in as follows:

First of all, write your normal getting-up time in the space provided. Let's assume that this is 7 a.m. In the second blank space write a time TWO HOURS earlier than this. In our example, this will be 5 a.m. Now pick a date when you will get up at 5 a.m. to write your goals. Write this in the first space. Your finished card should look something like this:

On Thursday March 14th I will get up at 5 a.m. to write my goals. This I will do without fail.

My normal getting-up time is 7a.m.

The date you choose should ideally be about five days hence, although anything between three and ten days is acceptable. This card is called your 'goal card'.

Put this card aside for the moment, with the paper on which you have written your goals.

Now take another piece of clean, white card, and using the same pen, write in your best handwriting, the following:


This card is called the 'setting of place' card, put this card aside with your goal card.

You will also need a sheet of clean, white, good quality A4 paper which has not been folded, put this with your two cards and your rough sheet upon which you have written your goals.

You are now ready to begin the first phase.