FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

What Goals Should You Write?

I thoroughly recommend that for this first session on goal setting you restrict yourself to the two goals I suggested in the last chapter on boosting your I-Can belief, and three or four other, simple, achievable goals.

Don't be impatient at this stage and start writing goals to get a million pounds (I did). You can get a million pounds using this method, but wait a few weeks until you have got some positive results from simple goals. This step-by-step approach gives you confidence in the system and stops you getting bored - then giving up. I don't want you to give up, I want you to get everything which you desire by using this system. I KNOW it can be done.

What do I mean by simple, achievable goals?

Well, I would suggest that you set two or three goals of a fairly mundane nature, and one of a slightly more challenging nature.

To find mundane goals, look around the place where you live and choose some irritating job which you have been putting off for ages.

Here are a few examples: Putting up that shelf you bought three months ago. Fixing the catch on the cupboard that annoys you every time you go to open it. Phoning a friend and asking for the return of that book which you lent to them. Finding the time to visit your sick Aunt/friend/neighbour. Joining the local library.

Slightly more challenging goals would include: Asking the boss for a rise. Taking a weekend or day break to a town which you have always wanted to visit. Enrolling for a course of driving/tennis/hang-gliding/ballooning lessons. Starting a correspondence course.

Here is a typical example of how your first goal-list might appear:

• "I can achieve anything I want to, the whole world of opportunity is open to me."

• "Every day I am becoming more positive, I am eliminating negative

thoughts and feelings."

• "By next Friday, I will have phoned Mary and asked for the return of my book."

• "By Saturday 13th March (two weeks away) I will have repaired the faulty catch on the kitchen cupboard."

• "On Monday 15th March, I will meet with my boss to discuss possible promotion opportunities within the company."

• "By Tuesday 16th of March, I will have booked a weekend holiday for us both in Scotland."

Don't worry if this list seems mundane! You're only going to be using it for two or three weeks. At the end of this period, you will have tidied up two irritating jobs which have been bugging you for ages; put your mind at rest about your promotion prospects in the company, AND booked a short break. That's not too bad is it?

The goals which I have suggested are only meant to indicate the level of goal which you should aim for. I'll leave it to you to decide on the exact detail of the goals.

When you find out FOR YOURSELF that this system WORKS for

small goals, you will start applying it to larger and larger goals.