FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Scoring Positive Self Image Belief

Positive Self Image belief

The P column indicates your present level of Positive Self Image belief. The lower the score the higher your Positive Self Image belief.

The I column indicates your present level of I-Can belief.

The lower the I-Can total, the higher your I-Can belief.

Positive Self Image belief

Look at the total number of points in your P-column.

10 points or less: Congratulations, your Positive Self Image level is extremely high and you have a very good image of yourself. You probably feel that you deserve all the good things in life, but you don't quite know how to get them. You can afford to do a lot less of the exercises concerned with boosting your Positive Self Image belief and concentrate more on the I-Can (check your I-Can score below) and the goal-setting exercises. You are already well on the road to success.

11 to 23 points: You have quite a high level of Positive Self Image and basically think that you are a worthwhile person. Your Positive Self Image could still do with a boost though, so I would recommend that you did the exercises in the chapter on improving your Positive Self Image belief. Depending upon how low your score is (within this range), you might be able to do less on this chapter and more on I-Can and goal-setting.

24-30 points: Your Positive Self Image-level is dangerously low; this is probably one of the main reasons that you are not achieving the success you deserve - I know you deserve it, but you're not too sure!

Don't worry, my method is aimed precisely at people like you; don't forget I started with a very low Positive Self Image. Pay particular attention to the chapter on boosting your Positive Self Image; the methods there will bring big results for you.

31 to 40 points: Let's not mince words, your Positive Self Image is at rock-bottom. You don't believe that you are worth very much at all, you don't think that you deserve to succeed, that's why you aren't succeeding! Get to work on the powerful techniques given in the chapter on boosting your Positive Self Image and you WILL increase your Positive Self Image to a level where you can start to succeed. My Positive Self Image was very low when I started, and I managed to increase it by a huge amount. If I can do it, so can you!