FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

How Does The Method Work?

In an earlier chapter I told you how I-Can't belief is built up through learned experiences. At some time in your past, you found particular experiences a bit painful so you shut them out. From that day on, you refused to examine the topic again, even though you were only a few years old when you took this life changing decision! Ever since that date, you have been telling yourself that you are no good at that particular subject, or that you have no skill in a particular area, or that you are bored by certain things.

You have been telling yourself over and over again how you CAN'T do a certain thing. Well... the antidote is simple - you start telling yourself over and over again that you CAN do anything you want. This is what the repetition of your goals achieves.

If this were the only technique available in your arsenal, it could take you ages to un-spin the web of negativity.

Fortunately you have a powerful secret weapon - VISUALISATION.

Visualisation has the same effect on goal-setting as turbo-charging has on a car! Every time you visualise your goals coming true, it is like pressing a large red 'BOOST' button.

Your progress will be so rapid, you will be pushed back into your


A goal is a carefully worded statement of exactly what you want. The next chapter tells you how to set and achieve your goals.