FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Tackling Particular I-Can'ts

The method I have just given you is a general method for increasing your I-Can belief. This method, used in conjunction with step one and two WILL bring a powerful change in your life; I absolutely guarantee it.

You can use exactly the same method to tackle a particular I-Can't which has been holding you back from the success which you deserve. As an example, supposing you are being barred from promotion because the next grade demands a reasonable ability with figures. Your I-Can't belief has always said:

"I'm hopeless with numbers. I can't even add up my own wages, I can't help it, I've always been that way."

Here's how to use my method to smash this I-Can't belief to pieces: Add to your list of goals (see chapter 9) the following goal:

"I used to be no good with figures, but that is changing. I can easily understand numbers and accounts if I try. By July 1st I will have read and studied enough to easily make the next grade. I used to think that accounts were boring; I now find them very interesting and challenging."

Obviously you will re-word this to suit your particular case.

Now, during the exercise period (chapter 9), visualise yourself pouring over accounts books and understanding everything. Conjure up a feeling of excitement when you imagine yourself working with numbers and figures; see yourself going for the job interview armed with your new skills - and getting the job.

These goals are called 'I-CAN GOALS' and are targeted at specific stubborn doors which remain closed to you. This power-charged technique will blast those doors open for you in a very short space of time.