FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Grab This Chance

STEP THREE: If you're not doing anything more important, grab this chance.

This rule allows you to break free of inertia. Too often we turn down opportunities which come our way even when we haven't got anything else to do.


I make it a policy to say "Yes" to everything, if I haven't anything better to do. Even if I have no interest at all in the subject, I still say "Yes" in the hope that it will prove to be of some interest. The result is that I am rarely disappointed.

ALL subjects are interesting if approached with the correct I-Can frame of mind.

Think of something which you find boring; opera perhaps, art galleries, physics or maybe history. Now ask yourself an honest question: When was the last time you gave the subject a chance?

If you hate opera, when did you actually last go to an opera?

If you find physics tedious in the extreme, when was the last time that you actually watched a documentary, or read a modern "Physics for the layman" type of book? I know what the answer will be - "A very long time ago. " In some cases, you won't even be able to remember because it was so long ago.

How do I know this? Because these are learnt I-Can't responses, often stemming from your early childhood. At one time, you found physics difficult or boring (perhaps through the fault of a bad teacher) and you switched off. You slammed the door firmly shut and hung your own NO ADMITTANCE sign on it.

From that day onwards you never gave the door a second glance,

you expunged physics completely from your world.

When you were younger, you were possibly forced to watch an opera on television, and hated every moment of it; opera has little appeal for the under-twelves. From that day on, you closed the door on the whole subject, locked, bolted and barred. The PAY-OFF is that you don't have to bother to grapple with something which is a bit intellectually stimulating. It is far EASIER to say: "Oh that's boring, I'm not interested in that."

If you follow this rule, you will, like me, totally eradicate boredom from your life. I can honestly say that I am never bored. I find ALL subjects interesting. Even a book on left handed spiral-nut-inserts can be interesting if you approach it with the right frame of mind! (Although you have to be pretty desperate!)

Say "Yes" to every possible opportunity and you will be amazed at the results. Whole new corridors of doorways will be opened up to you, 'chance' will come your way much more often than it comes to other people because you are exposing yourself to so many more opportunities; this way you make your own 'luck'.

I have a standard reply which I give to people who tell me I'm lucky. The reply isn't original, but it is apt. I say: "Yes, I am lucky, but the really funny thing is that the more I try, and the more effort I put in, the luckier I get!"

Now is the time for you to start making your own luck.