FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Take Responsibility For Your Own Life!


Here is another golden rule:


Get Out of the Blaming Habit

This rule should never be broken. Even when you obviously CAN blame something else - for example if your house is struck by lightning and burns down.

This rule should never be broken even if it obviously IS someone else's fault - for example if the bank transfers all of the money out of your account, then claims that it was never in there! (Although you obviously DO blame them when you write and point out their error!)

These times will be very few and far between, and people will admire you for not ranting on about how everyone else is a fool and how God has a personal vendetta against you.

In the vast majority of cases, blaming external circumstances is an EXCUSE which you use to prevent you from taking ACTION which will change your life. Remember, I did this all the time, so I'm not telling you anything which I haven't experienced myself.

Start taking responsibility for your own life - NOW. Change the way you think and act. Don't blame other people, don't even blame yourself, just pick yourself up and get on with it. Put your loss down to experience, and remember that no-one ever achieved anything in this world without set-backs.

Do you think that God is personally against you? Do you believe that Lady Luck always turns away from you? Forget it! You have your share of good and bad breaks, just like me, but the difference between success and failure is recognising the good breaks (by opening yourself up to opportunity), and not dwelling on the bad breaks. Certainly you should NEVER let a bad break stop you from trying all the harder.

Again, watch your language! This is important. Don't use expressions like:

• "You make me sick."

• "You make me really angry the way you argue with me."

• "You make me feel bad when you don't come home until late."

Nobody MAKES you do anything! This has been true since you left home. YOU choose to put yourself in certain situations, YOU choose to feel or react in a certain way.

Here are some alternative expressions:

• "I make myself feel sick in certain circumstances."

• "I allow myself to get angry when you argue with me."

• "I choose to feel bad when you stay out late."

If they sound strange to you, that only goes to show how common it is to blame other people for the way we feel.

Take responsibility for the way you feel, the way you act and the way you are. When you do that, suddenly it is all under YOUR control and it is no-one's fault but your own if you stay the way you are.