FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

The Practical Work

Remember that success is:

• 25% Positive Self Image belief.

• 25% I-Can belief.

• 25% Knowing what you want.

• 25% Getting what you want.

The following chapters deal with each of these four parts of the formula. You should not really start work until you have read and understood at least the first three chapters; the technique involves raising your Positive Self Image, I-Can and KNOWLEDGE at the same time, therefore you must know about all of the techniques before you start.

I strongly advise you to follow my method TO THE LETTER.

Obviously I cannot tell you what to do with the information which

I am going to give you; all I will say is that the method may not be so effective if you cut bits out or change it around. Without wishing to appear cryptic, I would also say that there are deep and carefully thought-out reasons behind even the (seemingly) smallest and trivial of details, so don't be slap-dash with my method - I know what I'm doing.

In return for following my method exactly, I will guarantee you success! I can do this because I KNOW that if you follow the method accurately and diligently, then it will work for you; just as I know that if you hack it around to suit yourself, then only half-heartedly try it, then it will not work.

So here we go! I promise to raise your ceiling from its present three foot level. How high your ceiling goes depends entirely on yourself; all I can do is show you the method - then it's up to you.