FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Wealth Warning

Before we launch into the detailed description of the MidasMethod, I would like to issue a word of warning:

I really want you to succeed; that's why I wrote this book. I KNOW that this method works; I also know that if you try it properly it will work for you too. The problem is that we live in an 'instant' society. Everyone wants results immediately, without putting much effort in. People dabble at this or that for a few weeks without any true will or commitment. One week it's a martial art, then a few weeks of yoga before the latest slimming fad takes your fancy and you give that a try for a few days before giving it up. We buy all the paraphernalia to go jogging but only go three or four times, then we start a correspondence course but don't get past lesson three!

This is the human condition in the latter half of the twentieth century. I could go on to expand on this topic by suggesting that this desire for 'instant everything' causes people to live shallow and unfullfilling lives - but that would be the subject of a separate book! Instead, I'm saying to you that I am offering a method whereby you can gain success and happiness; a method which will take about fifteen minutes every day. You must use it every day for at least three months in order to give it a fair chance. That's only a total of twenty-one hours. Most people watch more television than that in two weeks!

My warning to you is this: Because we are strongly ruled by INERTIA, the temptation will be for you to give up after two or three days. Fifteen minutes every day does not sound like much, but it is amazing how events will conspire to prevent you from finding this small amount of time. Remember, your subconscious mind is working against you at this point, it does not want you to start tinkering with its cosy World View - it knows what you are up to, and it will try and prevent you from achieving your goals.

The first and foremost weapon in its artillery is INERTIA.

It will work like this:- The first few days after reading this book, you will be fired with enthusiasm and raring to go. You will know on an inner level, that what I have said to you is true, and you will be keen to start changing your life. You will launch yourself into the daily exercises with enthusiasm and dedication. After a very few days, INERTIA will start to take over. It is rather like a flywheel which you start spinning, after a while it will begin to run down unless you keep putting more energy into it. This is the danger point. You may start to skip the occasional exercise period because, somehow, there just wasn't the time, or something more important came up. Then you

skip more and more periods until you get to the point where you are only doing a few exercises every week; then you'll hit a week where you really can't do anything at all...and that will be that - you won't do any more. A year or so later you'll pick this book off the shelf and read it again, wistfully!


The answer is to keep ever vigilant. Your weapon against INERTIA is WILL POWER. The two are eternally struggling against each other. The chances of you succeeding are directly related to the strength of your WILL to succeed. I'm not talking about the will required to climb a mountain or get to the North Pole; just the will required to use my system for fifteen minutes every day for a few months. It doesn't sound much, but believe me, it will tax you more than sufficiently.

Everyone (including me) will miss the occasional exercise period. The important thing is not to let it become a habit. If you miss one period, make doubly sure that you do the next one. Inertia can work FOR you as well as AGAINST you. Once you get that flywheel spinning, it will tend to keep spinning for a while. Similarly, once you get into the exercise habit, you will build a certain inertia which will tide you over times of laziness and indifference.

Above all, always remember that you are playing for BIG WINNINGS. We are not talking about losing a few pounds from your weight, or building up your muscles; the course you are embarking upon will change your life in a profound and positive way. We are talking about YOU being able to get ANYTHING which you want at ANY TIME in the future. Surely that is worth a few minutes every day? But be warned, it won't stop your subconscious trying to trip you up!

End of wealth warning!