FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Wanting Too Little

Notice I say wanting too little; not wanting too much!

This is one of the problems you may be faced with when you start to think about exactly what you want. Suddenly, you have to clothe your earlier tenuous ideas with form and shape. Instead of just saying "I want a better house", you have to start thinking about exactly what house you DO want. Where this house will be located, how many rooms it will have, how much it will cost?

The temptation is to set your sights TOO LOW. Guess why? Yes, our old friend lack of Positive Self Image belief tells you that you don't DESERVE to live in anything too grand. Your Positive Self Image World-View tells you that people of your class, background, age, or race are restricted to certain types of (smaller, cheaper) houses, but OTHER people, who are BETTER than you, live in the bigger, more exclusive houses.

Your lack of Positive Self Image tells you that you are a second class citizen. As such, you are restricted to second class housing. Larger, better houses are RESERVED for first class citizens. Then again, your lack of I-Can whispers to you that even if you believe that you deserve such a house, there's no point in setting it as a goal because there is no way that YOU could achieve it. After all, you're poor/badly educated/talentless and can't really do much!

The result is that you set your sights too low. You WANT a large, exclusive, detached house; but you settle for less because your Positive Self Image and I-Can are not strong enough to allow you to achieve more.

This is very dangerous because you will not be happy with the

smaller house when really you want the larger house. You will be

trying to work towards and achieve something which, at best, you

feel luke-warm towards!

This means that you won't really try very hard and so probably won't achieve even the smaller goal.

If you really want to own a brand new Porsche 911 then there is little point in setting yourself the goal of exchanging your present ten-year-old Ford Escort for a nine-year-old one! It won't make you happy will it? How can you work towards something which will not make you happy? The answer is that you cannot.

I will be telling you how to set your goals high enough in the second part of this book, but meanwhile, I hope that you are starting to see why it is so vitally important to improve your Positive Self Image and I-Can at the same time as working out where you are going.

Without Positive Self Image and I-Can belief, your best intentions will be sabotaged.

Armed with a solid foundation of Positive Self Image belief and I-Can belief, this KNOWLEDGE of exactly where you are going brings you a huge SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT of the way towards achieving everything which you have ever wanted from life.

It's amazing isn't it? You can get THREE QUARTERS of the way there without leaving your arm-chair! Believe me; this is true. Some of the world's most successful and powerful people have discovered this secret for themselves:



It sounds easy doesn't it? Well it IS easy, in concept. In practice, you have an exciting challenge ahead of you as I show you how to wrestle with your subconscious in order to get it to change those dearly held beliefs about who you are and what you can or can't do. Don't forget that you will then also have that last twenty-five percent to contend with:


In a later chapter, I'll give you some pointers which will help you with that last twenty-five percent; meanwhile, let us start to explore the powerful techniques which will allow you to achieve your life's ambitions.