FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

It's All Right For Him

I am always wary about telling specific stories about my own experiences. The reason for this is that you might be tempted to compare my own, unique circumstances, with your own situation.

For example, reading the story above, you might be tempted to comment: "It's all right for him, he was obviously in a job where a company car was at least a possibility. In my job, there is absolutely no chance of ever getting a company car."

These comparisons are very dangerous because they are actually excuses caused by lack of Positive Self Image or lack of I-Can. My circumstances are absolutely unique, so are yours.


that I could have achieved my goal if I had been penniless and jobless.

Very few people have absolutely nothing at all; no money (I mean absolutely none), no place to live, no talents, no skills; so it is always tempting, when told a success story, to say, "Oh yes, but he at least had so-and-so."

I had my fair share of talents and abilities. JUST LIKE YOU HAVE.

I wasn't destitute, at least I ate regularly, owned a TV. set, drove a car (of sorts) had a HI-FI and records and many other things. I was only poor by Western standards. By Third World standards I was richer than a king! SO ARE YOU!

I know this because almost no-one in our society is absolutely destitute, unlike other countries. Also, you paid quite a lot of money for this book, which means you are at least eating!

Despite all this, the problem kept re-appearing. Every time I talk to people about how I achieve everything I want, they would immediately start to make comparisons between my situation and theirs.