FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

The Secret Of Knowing

I will now share another secret with you:


It sounds hard, I know, but I'm telling you the truth. You will never get it!

Why am I so sure? Because if you don't KNOW EXACTLY what you want then you have nothing to work towards, no specific goals to aim for. You'll just drift along with the vague hope that "things will get better". I know because I did this for years!

Also, if you don't KNOW EXACTLY what you want, then you wouldn't even recognise it if someone gave it to you as a gift!

For example, what chance would you have of arriving at the Hotel Bell Vue, 149 Sidmouth Street, London WC2, if you hopped into a taxi in Glasgow and told the driver that you wanted to get to a hotel, but you weren't sure which one? The chances of you arriving at the correct hotel would be microscopically small!

Put like that, it seems so obvious doesn't it? It hardly seems worth saying that you must know where you want to get to, before you can get there! Yet MILLIONS of people go through life unhappy because they "want more", yet they have only the haziest notion about exactly what "more" is!

When, after several years, they still have not improved their circumstances, they blame it on 'bad luck' or say that they never had a chance.

They know that they don't want to be where they are at the moment - so does someone standing on a railway platform! But the railway traveller is clutching a TICKET stating their destination. They know EXACTLY where they are going and so there is a very good chance that they will arrive.

A while ago, I had the following conversation with a friend:

FRIEND: "I wish I had more money."

ME: "Why, what would you do with it?"

FRIEND: "I don't really know, but things would be so much better with more money."

ME: "How would they be better?"

FRIEND: "Oh, I don't know; I could afford a nicer house, perhaps a better car and stuff."

ME: "How much money do you want?"

FRIEND: "Lots!"

ME: "What sort of car do you want to drive?"

FRIEND: "Something better than the one I have at the moment."

ME: "EXACTLY what car do you want?"

FRIEND: "I don't know; I'll have to look around."

ME: "What sort of house do you want to live in?"

FRIEND: "Something larger and in a better area."

ME: "Yes but EXACTLY where do you want to live?"

FRIEND: "I haven't really thought about it."

Do you understand my friend's problem? He doesn't really know what he wants. Small wonder that he hasn't got it!

I cannot over-stress the importance of knowing precisely what you wish to achieve. It is one of the key techniques used in this book to assure your success. Used properly, it will produce almost MAGICAL results.

Let me give you an example of JUST ONE of the many things which I achieved using the method which I will share with you in this half of the book:

A few years ago I was driving a ten year old mini-van. This car was so badly rusted that it had huge, gaping holes in the wings and sills. As fast as I patched it up with fibreglass, other holes would appear. I could literally push my finger through the bodywork at almost any location!

During the Winter, when it rained hard, the car would slowly fill up with water until it was sloshing several inches deep around my feet. I tell you the absolute truth when I say that I had to carry a large plastic cup for use as a 'bail' which I would use, whilst driving at high speed, to bail water out of the window!

Once, when turning a corner, one of the rear wheels fell off, overtook the car, bounced when it hit the curb, and then landed with a thud on the roof of someone's house! I vividly remember my embarrassment at having to knock on the door and ask for my wheel back! I had to crawl out of their skylight to retrieve it!

I then stole one nut from each of the other wheels, bolted the errant wheel back on, and was only ten minutes late for the play in which I was performing.

If this story wasn't true, I wouldn't dream of risking your disbelief by inventing such a tall tale!

This all happened at the time I discovered 'goal-setting' as a method for achieving everything I wanted. (I'll be telling you all about goal-setting later on in the book.)

For ages I had wanted a 'better' car. I had absolutely no idea about exactly which car I wanted, I just knew that I was fed up with my existing wreck, so I decided to apply the method I had just learned to see if it would work. Here's what I wrote down on that day:

"By December 31st 1984 I will be driving a brand new expensive estate car."

I now know that this goal was slightly faulty in that I should have specified the MAKE, MODEL and COLOUR of the car, but it certainly beat my earlier wishy-washy statement of wanting to own "something better" at some unspecified time in the future.

The goal that I wrote was quite good for an amateur! Most importantly it gave the EXACT TIME by which I would have achieved this objective. The detail wasn't too bad either; at least I knew I wanted an estate car and that it had to be brand-new.

Later on I'll show you exactly how to write your goals to achieve maximum effect, but "Meanwhile," as they say, "back to the story."

It is important for you to understand and believe me when I tell you that, at the time of writing this goal, I had absolutely no chance of even upgrading my heap of junk into a slightly better heap of junk! I was already heavily overdrawn at the bank, and I had just taken out my first mortgage. It was hurting.

I was a bad finance risk, and anyway, I couldn't have afforded the repayments.

I wrote my goal on a piece of paper, along with a few others, and read it out loud twice a day.

The result? Before my deadline date, the company for which I was working started to do really well. As a bonus I was offered a company car within a certain price bracket. I chose a brand-new Ford Granada Estate, top of the range.

I had never owned a car which was newer than five years old before. I drove that car home, feeling like a millionaire. When I got home, I took out my piece of paper, looked at the car, looked at the paper, then looked at the car again. I felt as if a magician had waved a wand! Less than six months after writing an 'impossible' goal, the reality was parked in my drive!

All right, you could argue that the car wasn't really 'mine' but belonged to the company. If you look at my goal, you will see that I wrote "I will DRIVE", not "I will OWN". That was my mistake! But I couldn't have cared less at that particular point. If I had written "I will OWN," then I am absolutely convinced that I would have owned such a car. I know, because I have written many, many such goals since, and achieved them ALL.