FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Do You Know What You Want?

Chapter 6, Do You Know What You Want?

At the start of this book I told you that I-Can belief and Positive Self Image belief each contributes twenty-five percent to the secret of success. When you have these, you will be HALF WAY towards achieving everything you want.

But do you KNOW what you want?

This question might surprise you! Up until now, you've probably assumed that you knew what you wanted, it was GETTING IT which was the difficult part! You probably thought, before you read this book, that if you only knew HOW to get exactly what you wanted, then all of your problems would be solved.

Have you ever considered that you might not know what you want? You have probably assumed all along that you DID know!

But the surprising fact is that VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT! Oh yes; most people have a vague, woolly idea about where they want to be, but HARDLY ANYONE knows EXACTLY where they are trying to get to, or what they want to achieve.

At best, people have a loosely-formed notion about wanting to "be better," to "improve their finances," or to "succeed," but when questioned, they have almost no idea at all about EXACTLY what they want!


Even people who THINK that they know where they are going, rarely do! It is not enough to say: "I know what I want...more money." EXACTLY how much money do you want? WHEN do you want this money?

It is not enough to say: "I know what I want...a better car." What COLOUR do you want the car to be? EXACTLY which model do you want? By what PRECISE date will you have taken delivery?

Will it have a sun-roof, electric windows, leather seats, stereo, air-conditioning? Will it be a manual or automatic?

It is not enough to say: "I want to live in a better house."

How many bedrooms/reception rooms/bathrooms will it have? EXACTLY where will it be located? Will it have a garage/laundry room/shed/stables/swimming pool? HOW MUCH will it cost?