FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

What Causes I-Can't Belief?

It is a learned response. When you were born, you had no pre-conceived ideas about your abilities. All of your I-CAN and I-CAN'T beliefs were painstakingly built up BY YOU over the years.


You may have had a tough time as a kid, perhaps your parents were very poor, perhaps you were brought up in a slum and beaten every day; but in the end, it was YOU who DECIDED that this would be a limiting factor. After all, THOUSANDS of people had worse backgrounds, yet still made a huge success of their lives. Quite a few even admit that their terrible environment spurred them on the succeed. They knew how bad things could be, and they wanted something better.

I agree that it's not EASY if you had a bad environment as a child, but who said it SHOULD be easy? If it was EASY it probably wouldn't be worth doing!

It's no easier for a rich kid. They had everything on a plate when they were children, as a result they didn't value anything or appreciate the good things in life. Consequently they find it hard to succeed because they are used to getting everything they want instantly, so they find it hard to apply themselves.

Nevertheless, at some point you learned that you could use the excuse of your poor environment to great effect. It stopped you trying any more. After all, what could you do? You never had a chance did you?

OTHER PEOPLE DIDN'T LIMIT YOU! Your parents and teachers might have hated you and called you useless, stupid, hopeless and a waste of space, but YOU chose to listen to them and believe them.

They may very well have tried to limit you when you were a kid, BUT YOU'RE GROWN UP NOW! You don't have to listen to them anymore, they can't touch you! The world is absolutely wide open to you, and, if you had a limited childhood then you will appreciate all the exciting opportunities MUCH MORE than someone who is used to being able to do anything they please.

I am hammering this point home because it is VITAL that you understand and believe completely that it is YOU who are limiting yourself with I-Can't beliefs, not your ENVIRONMENT, and not other people, but YOU. The ultimate I-Can't belief is this:

"I-Can't succeed because there is nothing I can do about it; it is not under my control. My failure is caused by someone or something else."

Nevertheless, when you were younger, you LISTENED to the people who told you you were useless at sport. You BELIEVED the people who told you that you would never go to college, never make the team, never BE anybody. You valued other people's opinions more than your own. If someone told you that you were stupid, you believed them!

This may be understandable when you were five years old and the person telling you how stupid you were was an adult; naturally you will believe them, and it is at this time that I-Can't beliefs are formed. BUT YOU ARE GROWN UP NOW! You are not five years old any more!


They are relics, fossils of a bygone time. They are someone else's hang-ups passed on to you. YOU DON'T NEED THEM ANYMORE.

Sure, your subconscious won't LIKE changing the World View.

It will HATE throwing away all those nice neat pieces of the jigsaw, it will FIGHT any changes you try and make, but my response is: TOUGH LUCK! Your subconscious WILL change if you use the correct methods. It is like a stubborn donkey, if you are insistent enough, it will walk, but if you are wishy-washy and half-hearted, it will just stand there.

You CAN and MUST change your I-Can't belief into I-Can belief if you are to succeed, otherwise thousands of opportunities will just pass you by. You have to grab EVERY opportunity as it gallops past you if you are to succeed. Blink and it's gone; charging away into the distance until reigned-in by some braver soul.

Without I-Can belief, you WON'T RECOGNISE opportunity even if it stops and licks your face!

Here are a few invented examples of the sort of opportunity which will pass you by:

A friend will suggest that you set up a partnership with her and run a book-shop. You want to do it, but will decline because you know nothing about books.

Someone will give you a red-hot investment tip, but since you've never bought shares before and don't know anything about it, you will play safe and not invest.

You will see an advert for a sky-diving course; you want to do it but think that you are too old, or not fit enough, so you don't.

You want to buy your own house but don't think that you can understand the legal/financial technicalities, so you stay in your rented flat.



So now you know about I-Can belief. I have told you that I-Can is about believing in your own abilities as opposed to Positive Self Image which was concerned with belief in your own worth. You know that I-Can is a learned response stemming mainly from the things people said to you as a child. You also know that It is convenient for you to retain these I-Can'ts because they prevent you from having to bother to try - and possibly fail.

Having gained your I-Can't beliefs, they become a part of your World View, often they become central pieces of the jigsaw. As you know, the subconscious mind does not like changing central pieces of the jigsaw because this causes FEAR and INSECURITY. To prevent you tinkering, the subconscious uses its master weapon of INERTIA. Inertia prevents you from changing.

Clinging onto old I-Can't beliefs cripples you and isolates you from many of life's enriching experiences - it effectively prevents you from succeeding. The extent to which your success is inhibited depends upon the type, degree and number of I-Can't beliefs held by you, but ALL I-Can't beliefs are bad and life-depressing.

In a later chapter I will be explaining my powerful technique for eradicating I-Can't beliefs from your subconscious, meanwhile, let's have a look at the third barrier which is preventing you from a achieving everything which you desire.