FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Stand Up Straight!

Think of the fantastic feeling of relief that you would experience if you could raise your FALSE CEILING from its present low height to the full one hundred foot height! It would be like being born again! You could do ANYTHING which any other human being with similar abilities to yourself had done before; or even something which NO-ONE had done before!

The possibilities are staggering:

You Could Become a Millionaire!

YES, YOU could become a millionaire! Why not? Millionaires are common! There are tens of thousands of them around the world. It's not so very special. In fact, this is one of the EASIER things to do.

Why do I say that becoming a millionaire is one of the easier things to do?

Well it's obviously not that difficult otherwise tens of thousands of men and women would not have achieved it!

There is nothing SPECIAL about these people. Only a small percentage achieved their wealth by inheritance or luck. Most of them are ordinary people like you or me.

They don't all have special abilities or talents which are excluded from you or I. They are not a breed apart, some exclusive elite to which we can never aspire - this might have been true a hundred years ago, but it certainly is not true now.

Most of them are honest and hard-working, and they do not have any secret knowledge from which we are excluded.

I became a millionaire in eight years, starting with an overdraft! I promise to you now that I am just an ordinary guy with no special gifts or talents for making money. I wasn't lucky either; in fact I had a lot of bad luck. I just BELIEVED in myself and my abilities. I raised my false ceiling, not to the full one hundred feet but to at least fifty feet! I still have another fifty feet to go!

But having a fifty foot ceiling sure as hell beats having a three foot ceiling!

Believe me, there is a very, very big difference between having a THREE foot ceiling and having a FIFTY foot ceiling.