FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

I-Can Belief

Chapter 5, I-Can Belief - Your Route To Achievement

YES! You CAN achieve ANYTHING that you want!

Well; nearly anything...!

I often say this to people only to have them give silly examples of things which they CANNOT do. For instance they will say: "I really want to fly to the moon by flapping my arms; how can I do that?" or : "I'm seventy-five but I want to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world!"

I get exasperated at this because obviously there are many things which you cannot do and will never do. Your physical limitations (alone) will put a ceiling on your level of achievement.

I call this absolute limit to your potential the REAL CEILING. Your REAL CEILING height is set by things like your age (and hence physical ability), and by what is 'impossible', in the real sense of the world.

For the purpose of illustration, I would like you to imagine this REAL CEILING to be like the ceiling of a huge cathedral.

Imagine this ceiling to be over ONE HUNDRED feet above you.

This represents the REAL ceiling to your achievements.

It may surprise you to know that most people spend their entire lives living and working under a FALSE ceiling.

Furthermore, this FALSE ceiling is set much, much lower than the real ceiling, thereby effectively preventing people from achieving things which are readily achievable.

Now then, how high do you think your FALSE ceiling is in comparison to the REAL ceiling? You'll be amazed when I tell you

that most people's false ceilings are under three feet high. YES; THREE FEET!

Let me say that again:


They are crammed into this artificially small space without even room to lift their heads. Do you see why I get annoyed at the silly examples?

People who give examples of silly things which they CANNOT

do, are pointing out the limitations of a one hundred foot ceiling, whilst working under a three foot ceiling!

It is rather like saying to someone: "Hah! Your Rolls Royce can only go at 130 mph", when all the time you are riding a child's tricycle!

YES, there are things which you cannot and will not achieve; but these things are so far above your present FALSE ceiling that they are irrelevant.

Why worry about not being able to fly to the moon if you haven't even taken a holiday for the last five years?

Why worry about being heavyweight champion of the world if you cannot even give up smoking?

Why worry about being able to buy America if you cannot even pay off your mortgage?

I'll tell you something else: Although the real ceiling to your achievements is one hundred feet high, your wildest dreams of wealth, power and happiness are set at around the fifty foot mark; in other words, they are well below the real ceiling - they are easily achievable! I'll say that again in case you missed it:- Your wildest dreams of wealth, power and happiness are easily achievable.

The statement at the start of this chapter should say: "You can achieve anything providing it is sensible and within human capabilities." But this doesn't have quite the same ring, does it?

So I say that you can achieve ANYTHING AT ALL, and trust that you are sensible enough to realise the implied human limitation of the one hundred foot ceiling.