FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

An Experiment

Parties are excellent places for realising the extent to which your subconscious needs to know where you fit in.

You can try this interesting experiment for yourself: Next time you are at a party and a stranger asks you what you do, try the following style of conversation:

Stranger: "What do you do?" (They mean for a living)

You: "Do? Well sometimes I play golf."

Stranger: "Oh! You're a golfer."

You: "No, I just play golf sometimes."

Stranger: "I see, but what do you really do?"

You: "I read quite a lot."

Stranger: "Do you work in a library?"

You: "No, but I like books."

Stranger: "Where do you work?"

You: "At home."

Stranger: "Oh, you're self employed! What do you do?"

You: "Well sometimes I play golf..."

Obviously this is not guaranteed to win you many friends, but the object of the experiment is to avoid giving the other person any concrete information about yourself for as long as possible.

Then watch them get more and more upset until they walk away!

Why do they get so upset? It is because their subconscious mind is struggling to 'classify' you, to get you neatly pigeon-holed away under the heading, 'Writer, lower-upper-middle class, fairly well off, unmarried, fanciable but not sexy,' or whatever label applies to you.

Until their subconscious mind can file you away in this manner, it cannot relax because its immediate World View is unknown. Their ANGER stems from FEAR.

So now you know something about Positive Self Image belief! You know that it is ESSENTIAL to have a high level of Positive Self Image belief before you can achieve all the things which you desire. I have told you that your level of Positive Self Image belief is formed very early on in your life as a result of positive and negative strokes which you received.

You also know that this Positive Self Image belief is a deeply held conviction on the part of your subconscious; it is a central piece of the main jigsaw puzzle which forms the picture of the world, and the subconscious is VERY RELUCTANT to change it.

In fact rather than change the level of Positive Self Image belief, the subconscious will FORCE you to act in a manner which 'proves' that the currently held level of Positive Self Image belief is correct.

How Does This Work?

Put simply; if your Positive Self Image belief tells you that you are a failure and do not deserve to succeed, your subconscious will make you act in a way which is GUARANTEED to ensure failure, rather than change a piece of the main jigsaw picture. In this way it ensures stability and security.

Do you remember my business friend? Do you see now why he failed?

His subconscious KNEW that he did not deserve to succeed, a central piece of his jigsaw had the words "You're useless", written on them. Despite the best efforts of his conscious mind to change his circumstances, his subconscious was NOT WILLING to tinker around with basically-held beliefs. It was far more interested in


The result? The subconscious forced my friend to act in a way which would ensure failure, thereby PROVING the subconscious right! The subconscious could now relax again because its World View was not being threatened, leaving my poor friend's conscious mind to wonder what went wrong!

In the second section of the book, I'll be showing you how to BOOST your Positive Self Image belief, thereby removing one of the main obstacles in the path of success. Once you have been freed from NSI, the SKY IS THE LIMIT! You can achieve ANYTHING which you want to.

You will no longer limit yourself to second best but instead, you will travel FIRST-CLASS through life. Why? Because you will know that you deserve it.