FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Five Wheels On My Wagon

For example, most cars have four wheels. If you saw one which had five wheels you would look at it for some time and try to evaluate it. Eventually you would be prepared to consider the possibility that five wheeled cars do exist, but this change is unlikely to cause you major problems.

However, it is interesting to note that even such a minor change as this is likely to cause you to comment on it to friends and associates: "Hey, you'll never guess what I saw today...", because the subconscious mind is SEEKING RE-ASSURANCE on even this minor point. It wants other people to say: "Haven't you seen a five-wheeled car before? They're getting really common now!" Then it can RELAX and stop worrying about this irritating unknown event.

Let me tell you in four simple sentences how the subconscious mind operates in this instance:

• IT BUILDS A CONSISTENT WORLD VIEW (Mainly in the early years)




Obviously the subconscious mind is vastly more complex than this, and has been the subject of many books and a great deal of scholarly thought, but this simple explanation will suffice for our purposes.

I have told you a little about how the subconscious mind likes to build a physical picture of the world around it. This is essential if you are to survive. However, in addition to building a nice, cozy picture of the physical world around you, the subconscious mind also likes to build another picture which is equally as powerful.

This is the picture of WHO you are and HOW you fit into the society and environment around you. It it this facet of the World View which is important to our discussions.

Here is something very interesting:

The subconscious mind works in EXACTLY the same way when it comes to defending its views about WHO you are and WHAT you are, as it does to defending its picture of how the outside physical world should behave.

In other words, the subconscious will KICK HARD against any attempt to change your beliefs about who and what you are.

And the pay-off is... SECURITY!

To the subconscious mind, SECURITY is everything. It will vigorously oppose any attempt on your part to change the World View, and it will do this DESPITE ANY EFFECT ON YOUR 'HAPPINESS'!!

As I said earlier, it couldn't care less about your happiness, but it DOES care about SECURITY - the security of a consistent World View.

This was the answer to the question which had been puzzling me for so long. Here was the secret of WHY a lack of Positive Self Image prevented you from achieving all of the things which you deserved.

The subconscious mind is SCARED of changing main pieces of your jigsaw just as it is of changing main pieces of your physical jigsaw. Once it has worked out where you fit into the social scale, IT IS MOST RELUCTANT TO MAKE A CHANGE IN THIS PICTURE.

Your earliest experiences affected your Positive Self Image belief until your subconscious mind had built up a nice, solid picture of WHO you were, and HOW MUCH YOU WERE WORTH as an individual. During the first few years of your life, your Positive Self Image (or lack of it), became firmly established in the subconscious mind; it became, (along with many other things), one of the CENTRAL pieces of the jigsaw; remember this, not an OUTSIDE piece (where the jigsaw can grow), but a CENTRAL piece.

This social picture covers many topics, for example it defines:

• Your 'Class'.

• How you feel about yourself.

• How you think others feel about you.

• How much you feel you are 'worth'.

• How lovable you are.

• How much you feel you deserve.

And many, many more things.

All those positive and negative strokes received during your formative years, helped the subconscious to build a firm level of Positive Self Image belief, which was then added to the rest of the social jigsaw to form a nice, cosy World View. Whilst the subconscious mind is happy to tinker around with the edges of this picture, it HATES to touch the main body of the picture because of the INSECURITY which this will bring.

That is why the methods which I will share with you are so powerful! When you alter your Positive Self Image belief you swap some pretty large pieces of jigsaw puzzle. This will cause FEAR and INSECURITY in your subconscious and you must be prepared to deal with these whilst your Positive Self Image is being overhauled.

Believe me it is a small price to pay for the lasting happiness and success which my method will bring you.