FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

The Mystery Horse

Here is something which happened to me recently: One night I walked into my bedroom without bothering to switch on the light. I nearly died with fright! There, lurking in the corner, was the shadow of a horse!

My World View was being hit hard! How could a horse be in my bedroom? It wasn't possible! My subconscious mind didn't believe it either, and asked me to look again. Closer examination revealed, not a horse but a crane. A crane? That was just as daft! The subconscious again refused to start tinkering with the jigsaw and asked me to check more carefully. I went through several other possibilities in my mind before I realised that it was the new bookshelf which I had installed that very day, casting a strange shadow on the wall.

All this happened in the space of less than one second!

This fascinating experience gave me great insight into how the subconscious mind works. It FEARS changes in the World View and it will desperately try to fit a known explanation onto the unknown event, in an attempt to make it CONSISTENT with its existing World View. It will try every combination of ideas to explain the unknown, until it comes up with one which fits. If, despite trying everything, it is still confronted with the unknown, then it will often PANIC and run a mile! This has great survival value.

Obviously the World View can, and does change. The subconscious is not set in concrete! However, pieces of the jigsaw which are considered inviolate require a great deal of effort to change. Other pieces of lesser importance require less effort to change.