FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

The Mental Jigsaw

There are thousands upon thousands of pieces to this jigsaw puzzle which the subconscious mind painstakingly put together, through bitter and painful experience, to comprise a picture of the world and how you fit into it. It was hard-won!

Because this picture is so hard-won and required real EFFORT to construct, the subconscious mind is VERY RELUCTANT to change large, firmly established pieces of the main puzzle.

Unlike real jigsaw puzzles, the WORLD VIEW picture is growing all the time as you find out new things about the world around you, but at your age, these are changes to the periphery of the puzzle and are quite minor; they do not affect the main body of the picture.

For example, you might watch a T.V. documentary on fashion trends in the young and thereby expand your World View to include the possibility that short skirts were back in fashion. But if another T.V. documentary told you that the moon was made of cheese, you would strongly suspect a spoof!

The first example involved a change only to the periphery of your World View jigsaw, so you were willing to accept it, but the second example threatened a change to some of your central pieces, so your subconscious mind rejected it.

But the moon really could be made of cheese for all you know! You've never been there or touched it, so how do you know? Obviously the facts don't matter so much to the subconscious, it is belief which holds those central pieces of the puzzle firmly in place.

This is why people who hold deep-seated irrational beliefs like racial prejudices, do not require the inconvenience of facts to back them up; belief is quite enough.