FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Physical World View

The answer is SURVIVAL. Or, more accurately, MAINTENANCE OF A COHERENT WORLD VIEW. That's a bit of a mouthful, but what it really means is that the subconscious is DESPERATELY trying to make sense of the external world and your place in it.

Furthermore, IT DOESN'T LIKE CHANGING ITS BELIEF IN THE WAY THE WORLD IS! No sir, not one little bit! It doesn't mind making the odd little adjustment to the picture; a little tweak here and there to keep the picture in line with the facts, but it HATES making any major changes.

Why is this?

Because the WORLD VIEW, which you painstakingly pieced together in your very early years, is an essential survival tool. Without a consistent World View you are doomed.

Your World View tells you that a floor in a room is likely to support you as you walk across it. It tells you that most people are friendly and are unlikely to suddenly attack you unprovoked.

It tells you that rain will not kill you but that electricity might. It tells you that you can drink water but not bleach.

If you had to work these things out for yourself every time you encountered them, you could not possibly survive. It's hard enough surviving your first electric shock or brush with fire!