FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

How to Tell if You Have a Negative Self Image

If, like my friend, you have a Negative Self Image which is impeding your progress, then it MUST be corrected before you have any chance at all of succeeding.

Correcting this NSI represents the fundamental foundation of my method. Without it you are wasting your time trying to achieve any of your life-goals. With a nasty NSI lurking in your subconscious, your very best efforts are doomed to failure.

I will show you how to eradicate this NSI later in the book, after you have completed an interesting quiz which determines the level of your NSI; but it is important that you realise the difference between Positive Self Image belief and I-Can belief at this stage.

The actual level of your Positive Self Image belief will determine the amount of time you have to spend improving it. All readers will have to spend SOME time on this vital area.

Because all this talk about conscious and subconscious minds can be confusing, let me summarise this chapter briefly:



Positive Self Image-Belief reflects how you FEEL about yourself deep down inside.

It is about your level of self-worth. Positive Self Image belief CANNOT be improved by rational argument, reading books, or discussion. It CAN be improved by the type of exercise given later in this

book. You MUST have a Positive Self Image if you are to succeed - you must believe that YOU ARE WORTH all the good things in life, you must believe that YOU DESERVE IT. Without this belief you will fail.

I-Can belief reflects how capable you think you are on a 'nuts and bolts' level. It concerns how you THINK about your abilities and what you BELIEVE is possible or not possible for you. It is largely a learned response and is heavily determined by your upbringing and schooling.

An example of this is the message: "Women don't become engineers," which effectively prevents all but the most determined women from becoming engineers.

When you have Positive Self Image belief and I-Can belief then you are HALF WAY to success. YES; HALF WAY!

This is the most difficult and challenging part of the method which I am sharing with you.