FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

You're Worth it!

Chapter 3, Believe In Yourself - You're Worth it!

Belief is the first and most important secret of happiness and success.

How much do you believe in yourself? How much do you think that other people or circumstances control your life?

Right now, at this very moment, you are reading this sentence at a certain stage in your life. Think about your life for a minute or two.

Think about the financial side, for a start. How well off are you? Take a look around you at your possessions; think about your bank balance and savings account (if you have either), think about your total wealth.

Now do a little exercise: On a piece of paper, add up your total wealth, (this can be done in a very short period of time).

Do it roughly; there's no need to be exact. Write down your big assets first, with an approximate price next to them, then your most expensive possessions, then the approximate value of your other possessions.

The result could look something like this:

House (less mortgage owing) £25,000

Car £1,000

Total savings £2,500

T.V. £200

Video £300

Jewellery £1,000

Household equipment (cooker etc) £2,000

HI-FI £200

Other household items £3,000

All furniture £5,000

Clothes £2,500

TOTAL £42,700

You may think that the person in the above example is rich, or poor, depending upon your own circumstances. That doesn't matter; just write down your own figures and add them up.

Please don't skip this exercise or any of the others which I suggest; they are a vital part of your training. I know the temptation is just to carry on reading; but fight it! Take time out to do the exercises; they will pay huge dividends.

Now look at your total. How do you feel about your total financial worth? Are you happy or unhappy about it at this stage of your life?

The chances are that you would like to do better; probably a lot better.

Now I want you to try something: Imagine being in a better financial position. Strongly visualise yourself driving the car you really want or living in the house you have always desired; spend a little time over this until you can really imagine yourself in this better position.

Now ask yourself a vital question:- "Do I believe that I am worth this?" Ask yourself this question now. Think about it for as long as it takes to come up with an answer; (and that can be a surprisingly long time for such a simple question).

Think about the house or the room(s) where you live. The chances are that you want a better place to live, I have never met anyone who didn't; so think about the next step up for you.

If you live in one room, imagine your own self-contained flat.

If you live in a flat, or a semi, imagine that you are in your own detached house.

If you live in a detached house, think about a larger one with more rooms in a more exclusive area. Hold the image in your mind and ask yourself, "Am I worth it? Do I deserve this?"

Don't be distracted by practical considerations of how you might achieve this step forward, just ask yourself if you believe that you deserve it.

If the answer is an emphatic "YES!" then great; you are well on your way to achieving more. If the answer comes back as "NO" or you are unsure, then join the club of millions of people who have not yet started to believe in themselves. Right now you are totally trapped by your lack of belief. No wonder you don't have the things you want - like a nicer place to live. You don't believe that you are worth it!

Until you start believing in your own worth, there is not a single chance in ten thousand that you will ever achieve the happiness you really deserve. Why? Because no matter how hard your conscious self works towards achieving these things, your subconscious knows that you are not worth it! Your subconscious will go to great lengths to sabotage all your efforts and ensure failure - your conscious and subconscious minds will not be working as a team!

In fact they will be pulling in opposite directions, like a tug of war. Unlike most tug of wars, where the teams are evenly balanced, in this case the odds are highly uneven because the subconscious


unless you use the correct methods.

What will happen if your conscious mind is trying to improve your lot in life, but your subconscious mind is working, like an underground resistance organisation, to foil your plans?

I'll tell you. Your best laid plans and efforts will 'accidentally' come to grief. You will make silly mistakes which will ensure failure. You will have a terrible run of 'bad luck', or maybe sudden ill-health will prevent you from attending a vital meeting, or going on holiday, or something else which is important to you.

In short, your subconscious mind will try every trick going to ensure that your efforts are neutralised. And it WILL win.

Your conscious mind knows nothing at all about these secret plans of sabotage and mayhem! It thinks that it is trying really hard to achieve the things it wants. It can't understand why things keep going wrong. It is amazed that every time it gets close to achieving a major goal, something always seems to go wrong at the last minute!

After trying for a few times and failing, the conscious mind will start calling "FOUL!" and begin blaming external agencies for its downfall. You will start complaining about "bad luck" and "everyone being against you"; eventually you will reach the rational conclusion that there is no point in trying any more!

Then you will give up.

In fact the conscious mind was right. A foul was being committed, but it came from a member of its own team! Instead of looking outside for the offender, the conscious mind should have been looking inside!