FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Belief In Yourself

It is because belief in yourself and knowledge of where you want to be are so vitally important to success, that this book is devoted totally to convincing you of these facts.

I am not going to try and tell you exactly how to achieve your goals in practical terms, although I do give some guidance in a later chapter. I am not going to give you any secret racing formula or lottery system. The reason for this is simple - everyone's goals will be different.

Some of you reading this book will want a million pounds, some will want less, or more. Others reading the book will not want money at all, but perhaps a change of career to a more useful field of employment, or success in their creative

endeavours. Obviously no single practical method could cover all of these goals; it would be pointless trying to devise one.

However, it doesn't matter! I would not even have begun to devise the Midas Method if I thought that the secret of success lay in some practical method (like a lottery system or 'Get Rich Quick' scheme). I know, (and I hope to convince you), that most of the secret of success is about believing in yourself, and only a small part is in actually doing the things needed to bring success.

When you know where you are going, and believe that you can get there, the results are almost magical! I can't explain it rationally; the path just opens up for you. Things 'just happen'.

A desire which was just a 'pipe dream' suddenly becomes a reality.

That is what makes my system so exciting. By applying yourself to changing your belief structure, the whole world opens up to you!

Right now, I don't expect you to believe that what I say is true, but I do ask you to keep an open mind and not dismiss it out of hand. The only thing which is preventing you - right now - from starting out on the pathway towards success and happiness, is your scepticism. Your rational mind will tell you that it can't possibly be that simple, there must be a catch!

I'm telling you that it


When I suspended my disbelief, eight years ago, I gave myself a chance in life; after all, I had nothing to lose. But what have you got to lose?

Nothing! If what I am telling you is untrue, then ask yourself why I bothered to write this book at all? It isn't to make money out of writing books, because firstly there's no money in it, (unless you are a top-selling novelist) and secondly I am

offering to give you your money back if my system doesn't work!

You will need belief in order to change your life as from today. Belief that I have no ulterior motive in telling you the things which you will read in this book, and most importantly, belief enough to TRY my system. Ultimately, that's all I ask.

Together, let's have a look at BELIEF. The amazing factor which accounts for a massive FIFTY PERCENT of the pathway to success.