FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

The Secret Of Success

Chapter 2, The Secret Of Success

There are four steps to attaining everything that you want in life. They are simple steps and I will tell you what they are:-

1. Know what you want.

2. Believe that you are worth it.

3. Believe that you can achieve it.

4. Go out and get it.

Now; (and this is surprising part of the system), most people would think that item number four - getting what you want - is the biggest obstacle standing in their path.


You will be surprised to learn that knowing what you want and believing that you can get it, form over


of the secret of success. Yes, 75%!

Actually going out and getting the things you desire is only 25% of the battle!

You, like me, and millions of other people, have probably spent a lifetime thinking that it was the other way round! You probably thought that belief in yourself and knowing what you want formed 25% of the solution, and that getting the things you want formed 75%. This is the first of many 'minor secrets' which I will impart to you in this book.

Believe me, it makes a big difference knowing that your mental attitude is responsible for 75% of the obstacles standing between you and success. When I first realised this, it was as though a cloud had lifted from my vision. I felt as though I had been swimming under water for years and had suddenly popped my head above the surface and realised that there was a whole new world out there.

Why is this knowledge so important? Because it totally shifts your perspective on the problem! Before I realised that belief in myself and knowledge of where I wanted to be, were so important, I had blamed external circumstances for my lack of success. Believe me, I blamed anything and everybody rather than myself. I said things to myself like:

"If only I had been born rich, or someone had left me some money, then I could do so much."

"If only I had chosen a different profession; this job is a dead-end, it's too late for me to retrain."

"Other people get rich, not me. They probably do it illegally anyway; either that or they're lucky."

"I don't have any special talents or abilities. It's all very well if you're a brilliant designer or a financial whiz, but how will the likes of me get rich?"

And on and on and on! I spent a great deal of time and energy re-enforcing my Negative Self Image, then finding reasons why I could not possibly make a success of my life. I spent many hours doing this; I worked at it very hard!

Are you as guilty as I was? Do you spend time thinking up detailed and plausible reasons why you can't have the things you want?

Worse still, do you firmly believe that you are a special case, that your unique circumstances totally exclude you from success and happiness? Are you prone to thinking, "It's all very well for him, but..."?

Together, we will shatter the illusion that your present situation is caused by external influences over which you have no control. Using the techniques explained in this book you will come to know for yourself that you can control your own destiny, that you can 'call the shots', that you are not a puppet whose strings are being pulled by some external agency.