FREEDOM BOOKS - The Midas Method

Harmful Beliefs

You probably believe (quite strongly) that there are all sorts of things standing between you and a large amount of money. (I use money as an example, you might want to use something else.)

You probably believe that all or some of these things stand in your way:

1) Age: ("I'm too old/young.")

2) Sex: ("It's tough if you're a woman/man.")

3) Background: ("I never had a chance.")

4) Physical abilities: ( "With my wooden leg? Forget it!")

5) Luck: ("I never get the breaks.")

6) Education: ("I was in my first job at thirteen.")

7) Race: ("It's hard if you're Black/Chinese/Asian etc.")

If you hold such strong beliefs (and the chances are that you hold at least a few of these); I would be wasting my breath just telling you that you are wrong!

You will only change your belief if I give you the evidence to allow you to change your belief. My step-by-step approach gives you the evidence you need to prove that the Midas Method works. Armed with the evidence, you will then believe in the system.

This is where all the other systems go wrong. They ask you for too much faith, too early. The result is that people get bored and give up.

They might try the system a few times out of curiosity, or, if they are particularly diligent and hard-working, they might try for a few weeks, but the end result is the same for most people - they give up.

Perhaps that is what the authors intend; that way no-one asks for their money back!

The Midas Method leads you step-by-step through a series of exercises which prove beyond doubt that belief can indeed work wonders. In fact I guarantee results - fast, and every step of the way.

You will be given a series of small, achievable tasks and be asked to apply the system to them. These tasks will easily bring results in weeks or even days. When you have proved (to yourself), that the Midas Method works for these small tasks, then you will move onto larger goals.

If you follow my instructions faithfully, I guarantee that the results will be little short of miraculous!

Starting from NOTHING, I obtained a TEN MILLION POUNDS using only the secrets divulged to you in this book. I obtained a great many more things besides. For example, I only work two or three days a week 'making money', the rest of the time is mine to do with as I please - I don't have to work at all if I don't feel like it!

If I can do this, starting with an overdraft, I KNOW that you can - because there is nothing 'special' about me.

It's all very well if someone tells you how they made a million after 'Daddy' left them half a million! Anyone could do that! It is also interesting, but irrelevant, if someone who is a brilliant inventor, or a financial genius, makes a million. Good for them! But where does that leave the ordinary person like you and I?

If you are in anything like the position I was in, then you'll probably have almost no spare money (perhaps a few hundred if you sell some things!) and you probably are not absolutely brilliant at any one thing. You are exactly the sort of person this book is aimed at. Forgive me for categorising you, but I wrote this book for the normal, ordinary person who has a genuine desire to obtain everything they have ever wanted. It CAN be done; I know, because I did it!

You are on your way to an exciting new life. A life where you can achieve ALL of the things you want to achieve; where wealth, success and happiness are within your grasp. Will you reach out with me now and take them?