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The Midas Method

The Midas Method By Stuart Goldsmith
Chapter 1, A New Start

This book is about belief. Believing in yourself. Believing that you can have more, that you deserve more.

A few years ago, I didn't believe.

I didn't believe in myself enough to get the things that I really wanted. I thought that those things were for other people - a nice house, a good quality car. At best I thought (if I did think about it at all), that one day, at some distant, undefined time in the future, I might have a few of those things. But not many. I was jogging along, working for a major U.K. Corporation, underpaid and with no hope of promotion. I was renting a flat and driving a beaten-up old car which would hardly pass its road-worthiness test. My love-life was a mess and my bank balance was very red.

Financially I was just holding my life together; the same as most people.

I received weekly letters from the bank demanding repayment of my unauthorised overdraft. There was no hope of promotion at work, and hence no hope of a salary increase.

I was also enmeshed in a deeply unhappy relationship from which I couldn't seem to escape.

Does this story sound a bit like yours? At least in places?

Don't worry, there are millions of people in this country with a very similar tale to tell.

About this time, someone gave me a 'Positive Thinking' book. I don't remember the title, but I do remember that when I read it I was very sceptical.

That book had a very simple message. The message was this:


This sounded so ridiculously simple, that my first reaction was to laugh it off, and forget the money that I had spent on that book. But something kept nagging away at me; I couldn't seem to get that simple message out of my mind. I ended up reading the book several times over.

The idea was so simple; yet it had a ring of truth about it.

Could it really be so easy? Was there a way that I could apply this principle and improve my own circumstances?

After reading and re-reading that book, I decided that I had nothing to lose. It wasn't actually going to cost me anything to try this idea. I wasn't being asked to send in any more money or invest capital in a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme; I was merely being asked to believe; to have faith in myself. I figured that it couldn't be a bad thing to have faith in myself, regardless of whether or not I got rich at the end of it.

I also knew that if these principles could work for me, then they could work for anyone; because I had almost nothing! I was in exactly the same situation as most people. If, by putting these principles to work, I could start from nothing and get even a fraction of the things that I wanted, then I must be onto a winner!

From that moment on, there was no stopping me. I read every book about 'Positive Thinking' that was going. Some were terrible, some were very good; but all were lacking in something.

Even at this early stage, before I had applied the principles of 'Positive Thinking'; I thought to myself, "If this works, I'm going to write my own book and pass on my experiences." In a sense I was using myself as a guinea-pig. If these principles could work for me; they could work for anyone!

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