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How To Make A Million Dollars
Rule 13

Rule 13 For How To Make A Million Dollars.

Rule 13. The 'master strategy' which works for every step is as follows:- "Use the stake money to create a value which you can sell for more."

Ponder on this, meditate upon it. Herein lies the key to your success. Incidentally, this is the master strategy behind every single company, large or small, across the globe.

Rule 13. Detail. People will only part with money for something of value to them. Anything else is a 'con'. My entire philosophy of life is creating values which fulfil needs resulting in honest trade.

Anything else is highly likely to fail. You could gamble the stake money (e.g. place a bet on a horse), but because you are not creating values, you are most likely to fail and lose the lot.

Tip. You will have the most chance of success when you perceive the value you are providing to be greater than the value you are receiving. If you honestly think you are giving great value on each and every deal you will find it far easier to find a buyer for that deal.

That's the lot. May I wish you good fortune - and don't forget to enjoy yourself!