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How To Make A Million Dollars
Rule 01

Rule 1 For How To Make A Million Dollars.

Definition:- The amount of money you have at any one time (depending on which step you are on) is called 'the stake'. Initially, your stake is nothing. Then it's 1c, then it's 2c, etc. On starting (say) step 16, your stake would be $160.

Rule 1. You must find or be given the first coin; a 1c piece. Ideally you should find it in the street, etc. Give yourself at least one month to do so, although in reality you will find it in the first day or week at most. You must not use 1c of your own money. Any money you find after this 1c (during any stage of using this system) can be added to the stake money. E.g. finding a $10 note in the street (assuming you can't find the owner!) immediately leapfrogs you on step 12 (or can be added to the stake money if you are on a later stage).

Rule 1 Detail. There is great value in finding or being given money. It is quite important that you find this initial coin, and you almost certainly will if you look hard enough.

This is step one - finding a 1c piece. To double 1c-2c and a few further steps, just ask a friend (or even a stranger): "I'm trying an experiment. If I give you this 1c, will you give me 2c?" They'll give it to you. Avoid getting involved in discussions. Invent a reason why you need it. Don't talk about the doubling program, ever. This technique works for the first few steps!

I've tried it! Just go up to a friend and say: "Look, I know this sounds crazy, but I'm doing an experiment. Don't ask me any questions, I'm not allowed to talk about it, but if I give you 16c, will you give me 32c? I know you lose out to the tune of 16c, but it's only small change and it will help me prove a point. I'll tell you everything about it when I've finished the experiment in a few months". Few people can resist this.

You will be amazed at how far this technique works. Any more money you find is regarded as a 'gift' to the system and can be added to your stake money. As soon as you start this system, one thing you will immediately notice is that you start finding money all over the place!