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How To Make A Million Dollars

Hello. Let me share with you a brilliant method of how to make a million dollars - starting from absolutely nothing (not even one $£$ piece of your own money).

This method has been adapted from a book by S. Goldsmith, internationally famous best-selling author of books such as 'The Midas Method', 'Privacy - How To Live A Life Free From Big Brother's Interference' and 'Seven Secrets of the Millionaires.' Perhaps you have read his books or seen him on TV? His mission in life is to make the ordinary person rich, powerful and free.
This he has done for many thousands of people.

The rights to this material have been bought from him by me, (the owner of this site). This gives me the right to reproduce the material as I wish.

Normally it is sold for many dollars but because I have such faith in the method, and I don't want to receive any money from you, you can read the whole book here for free.

On with the task at hand. How to make a million dollars - which incidentally, is nothing whatsoever to do with S. Goldsmiths other writings.

This unique system started as a bit of fun, but rapidly became serious as many people began to report their success using the method.

The exciting thing about it is that you start from nothing - zero, zilch, nada.

You are not required to put one single piece of your own money into this system.

It also teaches the vital strategies for becoming wealthy - strategies which change as you get richer. The techniques you use for making pocket change will not work when you come to make the big bucks. Through using this system you receive a vital training in how to make a million, ten million or even a hundred million!

The really big temptation is to spend the loot as soon as you get a sizeable chunk. Please try to resist this temptation!

This method of 'how to make a million dollars' has been adapted from S. Goldsmith's famous course called
'28 Steps to Make a £Million by Doubling'. All of these pages are subject to strict copyright rules.
Unless you want to be sued, don't copy any single piece of this material for any reason.