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How To Make A Million Dollars
Hints And Tips

How to make a million dollars hints and tips.
  1. Don't cheat! This simple system really does work. If you cheat and alter anything then it is not my system it is yours.

    My system has been proven to work, time-after-time by many people. Has yours?

  2. Note - dollars - pounds it doesn't matter. The method works exactly the same for all currencies.

  3. Don't discuss this with anyone outside the system. Most people are negative, hopelessly entrenched skeptics. They will bring you down. They will laugh. They will scoff. They want to destroy your confidence. Why? If you succeed, that means they have to do something to catch up - and they don't want that.
    It's easier to knock YOU down to size.

  4. Form a 'mastermind' group of four or five friends, all doing the system. Like 'weight watchers' meet regularly and compare progress. All members help the slowest member.
    Discuss/share ways of doubling a particular step. Meet once a week to start, then once a month. Keep telephoning each other. Keep the momentum going.
    The biggest enemy is losing steam. I know people who have done the first ten steps in ONE AFTERNOON and then run out of puff!!

  5. Seriously review points 3 and 4 above. These are 'THE' 2 main reasons why this works.
    Your biggest difficulty here is to find people who genuinely want to join you in this system, while at the same time not opening yourself up to negative skeptics. Clearly you have to approach people to ask them if they want to join you, and they may well be negative about it.
    My advice, if they don't want to know, just shrug and walk away. If they are in your social circle and they ever mention it again, pretend you have given up on the idea.
    Having people around who actively want you to succeed while never talking to people who want you to fail, is the 'one-two knock-out blow' you need to help you succeed.

  6. There are 13 rules to this system. This should tell you what I think of superstition. You will have a far greater chance of success in life, whatever you hope to achieve, if you systematically remove all fanciful beliefs.
    As long as you feel you have a better chance because you believe in lucky numbers, crossed fingers, fairies and elves, destiny, father christmas etc. then you will not be putting your efforts into the actions which will get you the success you wish for.

  7. Start thinking positively. (Buy my ebook) Get out of your previous negative habits. Start reaching for the stars.
    You may not get there, but you sure as hell won't come back with a handful of mud.

  8. Make this work for you. Stop dreaming about becoming rich or winning the lottery. The world is there for the taking by doers, not dreamers. Dreamers remain broke.
    The key to all success is action. No action = no success!
Now go out and find that first cent..!.

When you do, it will be an amazing experience, I promise you. Try shopping centers, supermarket car parks, etc. You WILL find one. Since starting this system, I have found several coins every week!

Good luck to you, but remember, 'luck' is found at the cross-roads where preparation and opportunity meet. Please write to me with your successes (and checks) I love a good success story.