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How To Make A Million Dollars

The human mind is a funny thing. It can't cope with large projects.

Instructions such as: "Make one million dollars from nothing," or "put a man on the moon" are likely to be met with inaction. The project is just too large - you cannot get your mind around it.

But as every software writer, engineer or designer knows, these large projects can only be handled if they are broken down into a series of many easy steps. In fact, "the longest journey starts with the first step" is a very true saying.

Anything is achievable if you break it down into 'bite-sized' steps.

The advantages of this unique doubling method are as follows:-

  1. It teaches you to start from nothing. Any fool can make a million, given a 'kick start' of (say) half a million from 'Daddy', or wherever. But it takes guts, determination and real spirit to do this from nothing - flat broke. This is what I want to help you achieve.

  2. It teaches you that making money is all about people, marketing and selling. Everyone is in sales. Even if you are employed, you are selling yourself (and your skills) to your boss; day by day, hour by hour.

  3. It teaches you that different strategies are required for different levels of wealth. The strategy for doubling $50 into $100 is not the same strategy for doubling $250,000 into half a million, but they both involve selling, or trading, which is the same thing.

  4. It teaches you to be fearless because you don't put one single cent or penny of your own money into the scheme. With most ideas you are always worried about losing your 'stake money'. There is no stake money with this system! You really (for once) have nothing to lose by trying this method. When I say nothing, I mean nothing.

    You paid nothing for this report and you will not have to part with one single piece of your money, unless you honestly think I should be rewarded for bringing this system to you. (See introduction above)

  5. It teaches you the limits of labour. You will rapidly realise that physically working has strict limits and will not get you past step 20 at best. After that (and preferably before) you have to 'get smart' and start trading without adding your labour as a significant factor. Slaves labour - not you, but you probably haven't realized that yet!

  6. It teaches the tremendous power of breaking large tasks into small, achievable, steps. All major life-goals are reached one step at a time.

    But perhaps best of all, it's FREE and it's FUN! The object is to start with nothing, get 1p - 1c and then double your way, to way over one million dollars.