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"Freedom related sites
that I highly recommend"

As you might expect from a site called Freedom-Books, I am REALLY keen to promote all aspects of personal freedom. Fortunately there are a great many brilliant freedom sites out there who could all do with being put under the spotlight for a while. Here are some of the best.

The Keiser Report
The scandals behind the global financial headlines.

Freedom From Religion Foundation
National organization of freethinkers (atheists, agnostics), working to keep state and church separate and to educate the public about the views of nontheists.

Satyajit Das Blog
The author of a number of key reference works on derivatives and risk management.

Planet Ponzi
Too big to fail - debt ceilings - Ponzi Property Schemes - Currency Wars... - Freedom/Liberty Portal
1000's of descriptive, categorized, easily-navigated links on hundreds of topics. A good place to begin your freedom search. - Personal Freedom and Financial Freedom eBooks
Radical freedom projects for education and making crazy money. Blow your mind, and fill your pockets.

Monetary History And The Future of Money
Information sources on monetary history, types and politics of money, alternative systems of exchange, financial scandals, the Internet and economics.

U.S. National Debt Clock
See for yourself, exactly what the U.S. national debt, and each citizens debt is.

Abebooks - 45 million books: Used, Rare, and Out-of-Print Books
The world's largest online marketplace for used, rare and out-of-print books. Abebooks connects those who buy books with those who sell them, providing abundant selection at affordable prices.