Definition For Freedom

Definition of Freedom

Here is a dictionary Definition for Freedom, and articles and links which go into much greater depth to help to understand how freedom may relate to us.

FREEDOM- Ability to act at will, neither under compulsion or restraint; Not restricted or affected by; Not subject to cost or tax; Not in use (of person) not occupied; Loose, not fixed; Set at liberty; Remove (obstacles, pain etc.) be rid of.

So often freedom is defined by financial success. It is common for people around the world to think 'if only I had £$xxx I could be free to do yyyy'. This leads folks to spend ages working far too hard and long in the hopes of earning £$xxx.

Sadly there is another common tendency working alongside the first which prevents this definition for success from working properly. It is this. Most people increase their standard of living in parallel with their earnings so that £$xxx very rarely appears in their bank accounts all together, so the dream of doing yyyy is always just out of reach.

There are a number of ways to get around these 2 competing thoughts.

• Set goals. Define exactly what it is you hope to achieve, and define exactly how much this is going to cost you, and by when. Perhaps you could even set up a separate bank account which you call your "freedom to do yyyy" account. Then it will be really clear to you if you are on course to achieve this goal or wasting your freedom-goal money on unnecessary 'stuff!'

• Achieve your goal through wit and stealth! Often a way can be discovered of achieving your freedom goal by another means. For example if it requires that you travel somewhere, maybe you could find work or provide a service which requires you to go that way at someone else's expense.

• One small step at a time. Just re-design your life around a newly defined 'freedom goal' and achieve a small piece of that goal each week.

For example if you want more time to yourself. Next Monday start your day with just 1/2 hour for yourself 'as if' it were going to be your perfect day. When you realise that the world is still turning afterwards, perhaps you could increase this to 1 hour in the following weeks - then to 1 day . . .

I personally applied these methods and now consider my work-days to be better than most people's weekends, and often times better than most people's Christmas!

Take note that for these methods to work for you, the magic key to achieving whatever goal you like, is to start with your own personal "Definition for Freedom."

If you don't specifically define what freedom means to you, then you are much less likely to achieve that freedom.

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