Do YOU want Freedom?

"How free do you think YOU are?"

Hey! Let's talk a little about personal freedom. . .

If you went up to anyone living in a western democratic country and asked them: "Are you free?" they would almost always reply, "Yes, I am." A few more thoughtful souls might qualify their answer by saying something like: "Yes, I'm reasonably free," or "Well, I'm as free as anyone else." Most would agree that they enjoy a tremendous amount of personal liberty in their private and public lives.

Well let me tell you, absolutely categorically, in my opinion, almost all are completely WRONG!

The vast majority of people are about as trapped or 'un-free' as it is possible to get!

They have almost zero freedom in every area of their lives. They have allowed themselves to be absolutely and rigorously controlled by outside forces - other people - to a very great extent. This possibly means YOU.

And if you are female - this probably means YOU.

You don't agree? - Of course not! - So lets consider the 'normal' person:-

(Seriously, it is well worth reading the next paragraphs, because just reading them will probably change your life in your favour.)


The 'normal' person works for a living in a job, which they either actively dislike, or just tolerate. A few 'lucky' souls occasionally enjoy some aspects of their job - on a good day. The 'normal' person has to get to work at a certain time every single day of the working week. They dare not be late or leave before a certain time for fear of some penalty.

A significant proportion of every single week - week in, week out - is governed and ruled by the dictates of someone else. No matter how 'liberal' the company, no matter how 'nice' the boss, no matter how much 'flexitime' is worked, the stark truth (and I only deal with stark truths) is that for many hours every week, the 'normal' person hands over complete control of their life to other people, who make them sing and dance more or less, as they chose.

Does this sound a bit like someone you know?

Would they claim to be free?


The 'normal' person has barely enough money to live on, because their outgoings either exactly match, or exceed their income, leaving them drifting into debt. In fact the 'normal' person is in debt to a considerable extent, typically owing tens of thousands on a mortgaged home, having finance on one or more expensive items (car, furniture etc.) having a bank overdraft, and owing money on one or more credit cards.

The burden of these debts, together with an 'unchangeable' lifestyle, ensures that they always operate with the tip of the nose just above the water. The effect of this is to lock them solidly into the freedom-removing system of work. It prevents them from exploring their full potential and living a joyous life - because they are scared of losing their job due to the debts and commitments that weigh them down.

Does this sound a bit like someone you know?

Would they claim to be free?


The 'normal' person in a relationship, engages in the same, identical, mind-stifling routine day after day, year after year. It doesn't matter what the detail of this routine is, but it might go something like this:-

OK, I know that this is stereotyped, but the real point is that married or not, the 'normal' person follows almost exactly the same routines, with very slight variations, every single day, week after week. If they are in a relationship, then these routines are largely dictated by the partner (in the nicest possible way, of course). For example, Friday is laundry day, Saturday morning is supermarket time, Sunday morning is mowing the lawn and washing the car, Sunday 3 p.m. is taking the kids swimming, Sunday 5 p.m. is picking them up again, and so forth.

Huge blocks of people's time are structured for them by other people (partner, children) leaving them almost zero time for personal development.

Does this sound a bit like someone you know?

Would they claim to be free?


The 'normal' person believes, either overtly, or covertly, that there is some sort of all-powerful God or supernatural being, watching over them, and taking a personal interest in their drab, pathetic little lives! This same being has a kind of book, in which it marks the times when you've been good, and the times when you've been naughty. When you die, if the GOOD points don't outweigh the NAUGHTY points, then you will be SEVERELY PUNISHED - possibly for all eternity! So the 'normal' person struggles all of their life to try and live by rules imposed by other people, or groups of people. They worry if they transgress religious laws, and they spend a certain amount of time agonizing, looking over their shoulder or confessing their 'sins'.

Even those who profess atheism still retain a nagging doubt in the back of their minds that somewhere a score is being kept of their 'good' deeds vs. their 'bad' deeds. There are very, very few people who are totally free of this belief.

Does this sound a bit like someone you know?

Would they claim to be free?

The Law

The 'normal' person believes that, because they live in a democracy, they have freedom of choice! Yet they hand over huge blocks of personal power to other human beings (politicians, policemen, bureaucrats, judges etc.) and ask others to rule their life. They beg others to make laws, which will control their movements, and moan and whine if someone appears to escape the law.

They want the law tightened up, with no loopholes, and no possibility of escape.

They want laws, which prevent them from driving too fast, that restrict the films they can watch, or the magazines they can buy. They want laws which prevent them from taking drugs if they so desire, or watching a pornographic movie, or visiting a prostitute or building a car in the back yard and driving it, or owning a boat without a licence, or extending their own house. They want tough laws restricting the investments they are allowed to make and demand that rules are passed granting access to bank accounts and to video them wherever they walk or drive.

They gladly hand over almost all personal power to the lawmakers and enforcers, until they have almost none left, and are forced to abide by society's every rule and regulation. A politician only has to chant "tuffoncrime" and they will nod energetically, vote for them, and sign over another personal freedom to the state.

Does this sound a bit like someone you know?

Would they claim to be free?


The 'normal' person is prepared to fight and die for 'the country', often with little, or no information about the true nature of the conflict. They are prepared to march off to some foreign field, and get their heads blown off on the whim of another human being. Someone only has to trot out a few platitudes about 'sacrifice' or 'sense of honor' or 'duty' to get normal people queuing up in droves to be first over the top. Furthermore, they accept as normal, laws which allow agents of force to imprison them if they refuse to recklessly expose themselves to death in this manner.

Does this sound a bit like someone you know?

Would they claim to be free?

The Government

The 'normal' person believes that the government is a 'good thing' and absolutely necessary. They gladly hand over all responsibility (personal power) to a group of third-rate human beings, and so let others rule their life. They willingly accept an almost complete lack of government accountability, whilst believing that they have 'choice', after all they can vote. They never recognize that the real choice is between grasping personal power, and handing over personal power. The choice they exercise is simply the choice between exactly who will take their personal power away from them.

This same 'normal' person knows almost nothing whatsoever about the mechanism of the government to which they have so willingly handed over power. If closely questioned, they could only come up with a mere handful of facts concerning the workings of governments. They know and care little about the 'secret machinations', which go on behind closed doors, and the decisions which are taken about their lives. They willingly trot off to the polling booth each time, secure in the knowledge that they are exercising their little bit of personal power and mouthing the benefits of living in a democracy.

Does this sound a bit like someone you know?

Would they claim to be free?


The 'normal' person willingly hands over huge amounts of their personal wealth, in the form of taxes, to other people to spend as they see fit. They neither ask for, nor expect accountability. They don't know where the money is spent (except in the vaguest way), and probably don't care. They don't ask for facts and figures, or expect honesty or efficiency. If they try to withhold their money, then agents of force will come and take them and throw them in jail. The state has the absolute right to confiscate half of their life efforts and uses brute force to do so. Resist and the door will be kicked down and possessions forcibly looted for redistribution to non-producers.

They accept this as reasonable and normal.

They are taught nothing whatsoever in school about how their own government handle the country's finances. The government judge that the geography of the Appalachian mountains is of far more practical use - strange thing, that! They do not question this lack of knowledge, or the possible reasons why it is withheld.

If they were to ask the government for an itemized bill of where their money (taxes) had been spent, they would be met with blank stares and vague answers. Some of the items on which their money is squandered are not even discussed or discussible in parliament - the secret services for example. If they push too hard their name will be added to a 'trouble maker' list and they will be put under surveillance for daring to question or speak out. Yet they accept this as normal and reasonable.

This person probably claims to be free!

The Media

The 'normal' person reads newspapers, watches television news and current affairs, listens to radio news broadcasts and actually believes many of the items they hear.

More importantly, they spend a significant amount of time debating these issues with friends, and pontificating about the rights/wrongs of the particular issue in question. In this manner, their emotions are controlled by whatever news story the media decide that they will release that day. They hold a huge collection of opinions and views about every conceivable topic from nuclear power to abortion, and spend a significant amount of time explaining and defending these views.

This, despite the fact that they often have almost no knowledge at all about these topics, and are merely repeating 'information bites' released by the media. Furthermore their beliefs are confused and self-contradictory, and they would be absolutely unable to defend them in any rational argument.

They watch televised debates about a certain topical issue, and actually take one side or the other! - even becoming hot under the collar when the opposition view is being expressed. In this way, their opinions and views are safely polarized into one camp or another, and firmly away from any real choices/decisions/debates.

Does this sound a bit like someone you know?

Would they claim to be free?

So how free do YOU feel now?

If even one of these situations is similar to your own, then you are not free. All that can sound a bit depressing, but I make no apology for this because I know I can help you to laugh at all of the above, as I do.

If you were honest with yourself, you would realize that many, if not all of the situations described above, apply more or less directly to YOU. The exact detail might vary, but that is not the real point, is it? The real point is - WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT?

What Controls The 'Normal' Person

I won't apologize if any of this straight talk offends you. The lack of freedom most people have come to accept is highly offensive, and most normal people do get understandably upset when they discover just how much they are being controlled.

Most normal people move away from pain and towards pleasure, which is why most people stopped reading this page earlier. The ones like you, who are prepared to put up with a few hurt feelings in order to actually make significant life changes are the only ones who are likely to actually DO something about it, and make the necessary changes to become free.

The Midas Method would be a great place to start...